The Disadvantages Of Hair Systems


Many people still use hair systems today, despite alternatives such as scalp micropigmentation being available to them. Where they were once the only real option for people dealing with hair loss, they are now quite outdated and perhaps not suitable for the modern day. Below we look at the negatives and disadvantages of hair systems that are available.


disadvantages of hair systems

Bad styling

One of the worst traits commonly associated with hair systems is how they look when worn. When a hair system is poorly styled it can stand out a mile. We all want to take care of our natural hair and the same applies to artificial replacements. Hair systems can look bulky and awkward and not like real hair at all. Hair systems must receive the same care and attention given to human hair. Which can become tiresome and pointless after a while.


Too much money

Investing money into a hair system is an expensive way to solve a hair loss problem. Some hair systems, especially those made with non-dyed hair, tend to cost even more. While synthetic options may be a little cheaper, you lose a lot of quality, and they do not save a lot of money in comparison. You also have to factor in the accessories and products that come with maintaining a hair system, adding even more to the cost.


Hair systems are uncomfortable

Everyone’s skin reacts differently to the fibres used in a hair system. If you are not wearing a hair net underneath it could easily create a rash which leads to further irritation. Going out and wearing a hair system for long periods of time can make people feel uncomfortable. They also tend to generate a lot of heat which is not good news for the summer. Because of the way people position them on the head, there isn’t much you can do about it until you get home, leaving you to suffer out in public.


Hair system fails

Possibly the worse disadvantages of hair systems is having it fall off while out in public. Some would describe it as a nightmare and it could be even worse than that. Watching everyone smile and laugh is one thing, but it can also badly affect your confidence. No one wants to make a fool of themselves, and having a hair system reveal your baldness in a crowded place will not be a moment you’ll easily forget.


Fear of discovery

A hair system falling off is one thing, but wearers are often racked with paranoia most days worried that someone will spot they have artificial hair. Due to the thickness of the hairline and colour dye, hair systems can be quite easy to spot. The density over the hair has to be quite thick to cover the netting design underneath. For anyone over 40 this can look a little odd, as hair tends to thin when we become middle-aged. To avoid other people finding out, some wearers change their patterns of behaviour, putting themselves at an inconvenience in the process.


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