Does Scalp Micropigmentation Look Real?



When people enquire about scalp micropigmentation it is common for us to be asked a lot of questions. Understandably, one we hear more than any other is: “Does scalp micropigmentation look real?” Of course, if you are undergoing a hair treatment the last thing you want is anyone to notice.


Read on to find out what we do make sure that not even your nearest and dearest will be able to tell the difference – unless you tell them of course!

How Do We Make Scalp Micropigmentation Look Realistic?

Many of our clients tells us that even when they look closely into a mirror they can’t tell the difference between their real hair and the treatment.


The procedure usually takes a minimum of three sessions to complete. The first sees us apply a light pigment to create the first layer. The second session is where we start to blend the colour in with your existing hair follicles.


It doesn’t matter whether it is the full scalp, or small areas at the front or back. Our technicians add in the right level of density so it looks like a real hairline is taking shape on your scalp.



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When it comes to the third session we place an emphasis on adding detail and making sure you are happy with your appearance. Depending on the level of work needed and the type of hairline you require, it can sometimes take more than three sessions to achieve the desired look. However, the technician will discuss this with you before the treatment begins to ensure you still want to go ahead.


Our skilled technicians can find the right tonal blend with any follicle or skin colour. Their aim is to make the scalp micropigmentation look exactly like hair follicles.  They create a flawless and extremely realistic hairline that nobody will be able to notice. If you are undergoing treatment across the whole scalp, we shave your hair and then find the perfect colour match to ensure a seamless finish.


Realistic Results From Real Clients


Take a look at our case study from one of our clients earlier this year. David is over the moon with the results. And as you will hear, he no longer thinks or worries about his hair, thanks to the treatment he received at Skalp.


The Most Experienced Technicians

When you come to visit one of our clinics, you will notice that all of our technicians have shaved heads. The real reason is that they have all undergone the treatment themselves. So not only do you receive treatment from a fully qualified professional, but also one that understands it inside out.


Of course, that alone isn’t enough to convince most people, which we totally understand. That’s why we are always happy to show other treatment results from real clients we have helped. You can see how the scalp micropigmentation looks on our clients. We will answer every question you have and take you round the clinic so you can see the equipment and environment.


Walking into a clinic to talk to strangers about your hair is bound to make you nervous. And we want to do everything possible to put your mind at rest. We also have a friendly online forum that always welcome newcomers. Here you can discuss experiences with our customers and see more photos.


Get The Scalp Micropigmentation Look


Scalp micropigmentation is the most realistic hair treatment available today. It can help you regain your confidence and change your life for the better. We have clinics all across the UK and overseas too. To make sure you can make an informed decision before committing, we offer free consultations at all of our clinics in Dublin, Edinburgh, Manchester & London.


Get in contact with us today to see how we can transform your hairline.


does Scalp Micropigmentation look real?


Skalp® have clinics around the world. We have clinics in New York, Los Angeles, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin, Marbella, Milan and Amsterdam.


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