Does Scalp Micropigmentation Damage Hair Follicles?


I am worried about my hair follicles, does scalp micropigmentation cause damage?

Understandably, when customers enquire about scalp micropigmentation they have a number of questions about SMP’s affect on the hair follicles. At Skalp we always try our very best to accommodate your requests and put you at ease. The procedure involves a treatment that we apply directly to your scalp. We know there can be some nerves and uncertainty and we want you to feel completely relaxed before going ahead with the treatment.


Here are some common questions asked by customers about scalp micropigmentation and hair.


Does Scalp Micropigmentation damage hair follicles


Does Scalp Micropigmentation damage hair follicles?

Scalp micropigmentation will not cause any damage to your hair follicles. The process involves applying a tattoo to the scalp. Sometimes we use it to add density and position in-between existing follicles.


We use a single-use, 3 point micro needle during the treatment. This only goes about 2mm into the dermis layer of the skin. Hair follicles are much deeper within the skin, which means they will remain safe and untouched, even if the tattoo is added directly above them.


Will Scalp Micropigmentation cause hair loss?

You will not suffer any hair loss due to scalp micropigmentation. If this was the case it would defeat the purpose of our treatment and we’d soon be out of business! Unlike hair transplants, we are not removing any hair from the scalp and repositioning it elsewhere.


Neither will we use any harmful or harsh chemicals during the procedure. This is one of the reasons why it is becoming more and more popular with so many men. Because all of our technicians have had the treatment themselves, they take the upmost care to ensure we treat your scalp in the right way from start to finish.


Can I wash my hair after scalp micropigmentation?

After the scalp micropigmentation treatment has been completed there are some important steps to follow. This will ensure you skin is able to heal properly and to enjoy the best results.


For the first 4 days after the treatment try to:


Once the 4 days are up you can shave your head with a razor, clippers or shaver. You can also lightly shower your head with gel or shampoo. We also recommend applying moisturiser so the scalp doesn’t get dry.


After 21 days have passed you can then:


What happens to my hair after scalp micropigmentation?

If you hair follicles are still active, your hair will continue to grow as normal. Scalp micropigmentation has no effect on your hair follicles. So your hair carries on exactly the same as before. We do advise you keep shaving your hair every few days to make the most of the treatment and new hairstyle. However, this is always completely at your discretion. If you do decide to keep shaving, follow the guidelines set out above.


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