Hair Restoration on the Today show


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Hair Restoration on the Today show

According to a new figures release late in 2018, the global hair loss market is set to be worth almost $25 billion by 2024. By anyone’s stretch of the imagination that is a lot of money. So you can understand why those invested in the industry continue to promote the treatment. Even though there is a proven lack of evidence that it offers a real solution to hair loss.


Recently there was a hair loss treatment feature on one of America’s longest running TV shows, Today. Unfortunately, it provided a platform to promote more misleading facts and solutions about hair loss treatments.


Latest Treatments For Hair Restoration on the Today show


It introduced hair transplant specialist Dr. Michael Wolfeld. No mention was made of his company so most viewers would naturally assume he is a non-biased expert. However, he runs a hair transplant centre in New York, so this was very much a self-promoted segment on the show.


Some of the products featured include Rogaine, Nutrafol and Nizoral. They each promise to thicken hair and decrease hair loss but make promises they are not able to keep.


Also included in the feature is the introduction of the robotic hair transplant system. Rather than using a surgeon to individually remove the hair from your head, the robot does it instead.


It basically works in the same way as a FUE transplant. Using an AI-controlled robot makes it seem more advanced but the procedure is exactly the same. They remove hair from the back of your head before manually inserting it into newly created pores that ‘form’ a new hairline.


You can also be sure that the results will also be exactly the same. Hair transplant providers tell patients it takes up to a year to see the full results. By that time the new hair has usually fallen out leaving them looking worse than before.


How comfortable and relaxed would you feel with a giant robot positioned over your head punching holes into your skin? Or plucking out hairs and pushing them back in? If anything, this seems more terrifying than the current manual procedure offered by hair transplant companies. We think Craig Melvin’s face say it all..


craig Melvin today show hair surgery robot


Did they mention scalp micropigmentation?

Unsurprisingly, they give no mention of scalp micropigmentation. This is because it is a treatment proven to provide a long-term solution to hair loss. And it doesn’t involve applying a cream or popping a pill.


Because it is so successful at helping men regain their hairline it is a treatment hair replacement companies do not want mentioned alongside their products. There is too much money to lose if more people were aware of the many ways scalp micropigmentation can help.


Instead of having a scary robot operating on your head, we use real human beings. This guarantees your safety and gives you confidence you are working with an experienced expert.


The whole point of a hair loss solution is to give people assurance and their confidence back. Our scalp micropigmentation treatment has helped countless men over the years. We never make promises we can’t keep and you are in full control of the process from start to finish.


If you like the idea of an autonomous robot operating on your head, then this is the treatment for you. But if you are looking for a non-evasive hair loss solution, getting a scalp tattoo is the answer you’ve been looking for.


Watch the ‘Latest Treatments For Hair Restoration’ on the Today show here:



Hair transplant surgeon Dr. Michael Wolfeld joins TODAY to separate fact from fiction and share over-the-counter products that can help.


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