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Prostate Pill Found To Cause Hair Growth New Study Reveals Last week some unexpected news arrived in the field of hair loss research. The

Hair Restoration on the Today show According to a new figures release late in 2018, the global hair loss market is set to be

New Research Suggest’s An Eczema Drug That Also Grows Hair Back in August we reported on a new drug that could reportedly cure hair

Could This Be The Cure For Male Pattern Baldness … It seems like every other week we hear about a new miracle cure for male

Caffeine hair restoration – a natural way to stimulate hair growth? When we think of caffeine, we think of cola, coffee, and energy drinks.

What is the truth about hair loss medications? What are the side effects. Hair Loss Medication Hair loss medication is becoming much more popular.

Male Pattern Baldness- Can We Prevent It? Hair loss is something many men feel self-conscious or anxious about. Although this condition is not a

Do dietary supplements or vitamin pills help prevent hair loss?   Almost every day there’s a new product released claiming to stimulate hair growth or

WARNING- This Popular Hair Loss Medication Could Trigger Erectile Dysfunction! Around half of men over 30 in the UK suffer with alopecia at some stage

Probably the most well-known form of alopecia is alopecia areata. But did you know there are actually four different types of alopecia?    

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