Breakthrough In Research To Find A Cure For Male Pattern Baldness


Could This Be The Cure For Male Pattern Baldness …

new drug breakthrough cure for male pattern baldness Cyclosporine A for hair loss


It seems like every other week we hear about a new miracle cure for male pattern baldness or hair loss. These mostly come from commercial companies looking to sell their product. It might be a cream, laser brush or anything else and every time it ends up being an exaggeration.


However, the work conducted in the scientific field is completely different. There is important research ongoing to find a cure for male pattern baldness. Recent developments suggest a new drug could prove to be a potential break through.


Researchers at the University of Manchester’s Centre for Dermatology Research believe they have found a solution that could help millions of people. A new study arrived a couple of months ago in the PLOS Biology scientific journal published by Dr Nathan Hawkshaw and his colleagues.


A scientific breakthrough?


A drug called Cyclosporine A could perhaps be the answer. Traditionally doctors used it to treat patients with osteoporosis. What they also found was that it has a strong stimulatory effect on human hair follicles. They discovered this during tests conducted on hair donated by patients who were undergoing hair transplant surgery.


At the moment there are two drugs available on the market to help men deal with hair loss. These are minoxidil and finasteride. The downside to taking these drugs is they only work while you are taking them. This means dealing with the side effects they produce and the hair growth results are usually very underwhelming.


The Cyclosporine A drug first appeared in the 80s playing a key role in suppressing the rejection of transplants and autoimmune diseases. Taking this drug usually produces some strong side-effects. The most curious of these was that it encouraged the growth of unwanted bodily hair.


This drug wasn’t considered or tested within the context of hair loss before. This research now provides an exciting breakthrough in the search for a hair loss cure. There is the belief that one day it could form the basis of a solution that prevents baldness completely.


The next stage will involve a clinical trial to check the effectiveness of the drug in treating hair loss. This will also help them to find out how safe it is to use. While the solution will remain some years away, this could prove to be a big turning point in hair loss science.


What can you do about hair loss right now?


As there is still currently no cure for male pattern baldness, the options are limited. The only other way to get actual hair back onto your head again is to undergo a painful and expensive hair transplant. The likelihood of this working and lasting longer than a few months is extremely small.


Scalp micropigmentation offers the perfect solution for anyone who wants a realistic hairline restored. We are able to match your exact hair colour and recreate a shaven style that will look completely realistic and at a price you can afford.


The treatment only lasts for a few sessions and once finished the hair tattoo will last for years to come. There is very little aftercare required and you are in full control of the style and colour put onto your skin. There is no pain involved and it will transform your confidence to relieve you of the stress of dealing with hair loss.


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