The Laser Comb For Hair Loss- What Is It And Does It Work?


The Low Down On The Laser Comb For Hair Loss

Laser Comb For Hair loss


Laser Comb For Hair Loss treatments have been commercially available for over 20 years now. Ever since, the debate has raged about how effective it is for hair loss treatment. The HairMax LaserComb and Spencer Forrest X-5, in particular, are two products currently causing a lot of fuss. The FDA approved them both for use with hair loss but many experts still say they do not work.


So, what is a laser comb and what is the truth – does it help hair loss or is it just another marketing trick? We investigate below to help you find out more.


What are laser combs?

A laser comb looks just like a regular comb. It contains lasers in the head and when turned on you then comb across the scalp. The idea being it revives and restore hair follicles over time.


How do laser combs work?

There are three stages of regular hair growth. First is Anagen, which is where the growth occurs, then Telogen, known as the resting stage, and then Catagen, a transitional period that goes into the next cycle.


Laser Comb For Hair loss


Between 10-20% of our hair is going through the Catagen and Telogen phases at any one time. Hair usually sheds during these stages and then regrows. Hair loss happens when the follicle does not repeat the cycle and no new hair is grown. Laser combs allegedly stimulate hair follicles, reversing the miniaturization process to encourage hair growth during the Anagen stage.


The lasers apparently energize the follicles which then enables them to grow new hair. The hair root is also allegedly stimulated, creating an even stronger follicle for long-term regrowth of hair. Hair typically grows about half an inch each month during the Anagen stage and lasts between two to eight years at a time. Laser combs claim to help this stage and help produce thicker, healthier hair as a result.


Do laser combs really help hair loss?

Lexington funded a clinical study on 110 patients in 2009 basing their results on the HairMax LaserComb. It stated patients experienced more hair growth than the group who used a placebo device. However, the consensus in the hair loss industry is that they make very little difference at all. It may help the user think they are re-growing hair but that is not the case.


What some users have noticed is that it does help to thicken some existing hair. It can also slow down the shedding of hair while in use. Once you stop using it, the shedding rate returns to normal.


A Laser Comb For Hair loss- Is It Worth The Money?

The simple answer would be no. Given how much they cost to buy ($200 – $300) and the small benefits you get back, they are a waste of good money. One look at the user reviews online will give you a clearer idea of how useful they are for hair loss.


At Skalp we are all about finding the right solutions for male pattern baldness. If this was the miracle cure it claimed to be we would be over the moon. Unfortunately, that is far from the case.


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