Just what is male pattern baldness?


Top view of a men's head with a receding hair line - Before and After

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

Hair loss and male pattern baldness appear to be a nightmare for men. The most common form of hair loss among men is Androgenetic Alopecia. It will develop in most men at some stage of their lives. It is hereditary as is a genetic disorder. In this disorder, the hair follicles shrink. The testosterone hormone creates dihydrotestosterone, which some hair follicles are sensitive towards. As a result, the new hairs are weaker, and ultimately only a stump of hair is left on the head that does not grow out of the scalp surface.

Symptoms of Male Pattern Baldness

Hair begins to thin in two separate places on the scalp at the same time: at the sides of the head by the temples, and on the crown of the head. As the hair thins on top, a bald patch gradually appears on the top of the head as the sides are receding. The bald patch enlarges and meets with the receding sides and eventually joins together so leaving a patch at the front of the head. The front then begins to thin so leaving a rim of hair around the sides and the back of the head. As time passes the remaining hair will also thin leading to complete baldness.

Coping with Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss and baldness are considered normal among men of the old age. Men who are in their 50s or 60s must not get worried about their hair loss since it is one of the most conspicuous reasons for baldness. With age, the hair fall increases. Thus, it is a regular human activity. When hair fall and baldness hit younger men, such as those in their 20s, 30s and 40s, then it becomes a problem. It leaves catastrophic effects on their appearance as well as their overall personality. According to surveys and studies, hair loss shatters self-confidence. People find it very complicated to cope with this problem.


The worst that can happen in this scenario is that the victim appears to be helpless. He can’t stop the hair fall. This not only ruins his self-esteem but also makes him frustrated. He loses his confidence and is reluctant to make an appearance in public. The victim must not surrender to situations like these. There are various medications and techniques which are very helpful. Finasteride, Rogaine, and Minoxidil are the most prescribed medicines, but unfortunately, they come with some side effects. They affect the sex drive. Other useful ideas to cope with male pattern baldness include wigs, toupees and hair transplants.


Look up to the celebrities for inspiration. Many people in sports and film industry slay their clean shaved bald heads and look equally handsome. Corey Stoll, Sean Connery, Samuel Jackson, Bruce Willis, Ben Kingsley and others carry themselves with confidence. If they can walk around and appear so calm and confident then why can’t you?

How can scalp micro pigmentation help?

Here at Skalp, we offer our clients a permanent yet trendy solution for hair loss. This method, called micro scalp pigmentation, has helped many bald men around the globe. They found this technique pretty satisfying. This is a solution for every man, even those who have undergone hair restoration surgery, have scars or sensitive skin conditions. This solution is beneficial for everyone. Scalp micro pigmentation is not an ordinary tattoo, but a very refined and specialised technique. In this method, our experts very skillfully deposit pigments within the dermal layer of the skin. This mimics the look of a real shaven head. Depending on the demands of our clients, we take care of their hairline and use soft or bold pigments for an overall neutral look. We guarantee that all our patients get the most realistic results.

In conclusion

Male pattern baldness is nothing to be afraid of. It is a matter of age and can’t be avoided. But there are some precautionary measures which must be taken so that hair fall can be delayed. As far as young men are concerned, medications and proper treatments are available now. You can pick any course according to your choice. Some treatments are expensive and take time to show results while others are quite smooth.


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