Prince William’s Shaved Head


prince william shaved head new haircut

Our Thoughts on Prince William’s Shaved Head

All it took was one haircut, and Prince Williams shaved head has stolen the world’s attention. His thinning hair is already well known to everyone in the world thanks to genes inherited from his father, Charles. Yet, despite his disappearing hairline he refused to go under the hair clippers. Until last week when he broke the internet. The universal response was one of praise for his new look. The haircut is reported to have cost £180, which is astronomical to us but pocket change for a royal. But Prince Williams shaved hair serves as a reminder of two important things.




Taking the first step


First of all, shaving your hair off is never easy, even if you’re a royal prince. Everyone wants to have hair and to keep it. If your hair starts to thin and bald patches appear, most men will do their best to keep up appearances. It’s an understandable reaction. The world constantly tells us that hair is beautiful and bald is not.


Hair also acts as a camouflage. Navigating an emotionally complicated world is difficult for us all. Our clothes perform a similar function as both protector and shield. We wear clothes to give a different shape and form to our bodies sending a message to those around us. But how we look may not reflect the way we feel inside. Clothing also covers are bare skin, which most of us do not want to reveal. In both respects, hair is exactly the same. Haircuts and styles create an image of how we want the world to see us. If hair disappears then it also exposes the skin, which can leave us feeling exposed and vulnerable.


Being bald and proud


This leads to the second point that confidence is everything. We can lose it far more quickly than we gain it but going bald is not something to be ashamed of. It may seem easy for the prince but at least we aren’t the ones having millions of photos taken of our newly shaved head. As confident as William looks he is as human as everyone else. He would’ve felt unsure of the reaction. But most importantly, he revealed it with pride and confidence. If you can do that, negative reactions are few and far between.


We should take inspiration and confidence from those who proudly show us that bald is beautiful. And it’s not only celebrities we should look to. Everywhere around us, there are examples of handsome bald guys. Going bald gives us the chance to reveal our true selves to the world. Good and bad. And that’s an opportunity people with hair would love to have.


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prince williams shaved head- should prince william get scalp micro pigmentation before and after

Photo credit: Matt Crossick/ EMPICS Entertainment.


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