The Best Haircuts for Balding Men


The best haircuts for balding men 2018

Coming to terms with losing your hair is one of the most difficult periods of ageing. Growing old gracefully while seeing the hair that has been on your head for decades disappear is easier said than done.


Much depends on how far advanced your hair loss is, of course. The general rule is that once there is more skin than hair showing on top of your head, it’s time to reach for the razor. Skalp micropigmentation ( see below) also provides the perfect solution to the problem. By deciding to shave your hair off you can easily have your old hair line restored.


If you’re not at that stage now, read on to see some of the best haircuts for balding men.


The Pompadour

This is a style that’s become extremely popular over the past years. For men who are thinning at the back of the head, this sweep back style is ideal. Using the long hair at the front you can easily cover up the area you want to cover. You can get this look by using a hair dryer to guide the hair into place and wax to carefully mould the right shape and final look.


best haircuts for balding men- how to sale the pompadourbest haircuts for balding men- the pompadour


Short and ruffled

This is perfect for guys dealing with hair loss at the front of their head. It’s a dishevelled look cut in layers and ruffled forward to cover the balding area. A short blob of gel or wax is all you need to work it into your hair – it’s also quick to style which is ideal for the mornings!


hairstyles for balding men- short and ruffled best hairstyles for balding men short and ruffled example


Clean shaven

A recent study by The University of Pennsylvania showed that women find bald men more attractive. Another plus is that a clean shaven hairstyle is the lowest maintenance hair style available. Shaving off your hair also shows a lot of confidence. It tells the world you are comfortable with how you look, and who you are now. Usually guys with pronounced hair loss will consider this option. Invest in your own razor and you can manage this style at a low cost long-term.


the best hairstyles for balding menbald shaved head


Buzz Cut

This is the stage before taking the plunge to shave it all off. It’s a tried and tested look that maintains the strength of your hairline. A buzz cut gives you a more rugged look and helps to further pronounce the eyes and jawline. And, best of all, if you can pull off a buzz cut, you’ll look great with the next option.


the best hairstyles for balding men the buzz cutbest haircuts for thinning hair bald men


Scalp Micropigmentation

Not a haircut per se but very much a stylish way to recreate your hairline. As we mentioned above, this is perfect for men who have either shaven, are balding or bald heads. The process involves applying hundreds of natural pigments to the scalp to give the appearance of real hair follicles. If you ever ask yourself “What would I look like with a shaved head?” this could be for you. Turn yourself into one of those handsome bald guys in just a few simple steps with Skalp®.


Hair tattoo as the best haircut for balding menthe best hairstyles for thinning hair in men


Will you try any of these best haircuts for balding men?


If you are interested in Scalp Micropigmentation aka the hairline tattoo as an ultimate hairstyle for balding, check out treatment gallery here.


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