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James Hair Replacement London Skalp Clinic

James’s Skalp Story

James, a car trader from West London, came to our Hair Replacement London clinic after years of suffering from hair loss. James started losing his hair at the age of 22 which as he says, “It was a big shock to me”. He tried to hide the baldness by trying out different hair replacement methods. “I went and had some weaves put in. The weave is just a strand of horse hair that is weaved into your existing hair, so if you have hair on the side, they just add it on top”.


The result of having a weave on his scalp did not go as well as he thought it would and he says, “but obviously, it does not look like real hair”. “And after that, after a while, about 15 years ago, I just shaved my hair and left it bald ever since.”


James often had to meet many people in his line of work, and he was aware that he needed to create an image that people looked at and said,” Yeah this guy knows what he is talking about.” He was however not confident enough that the image people saw was convincing enough. That is what male hair loss does.


It ultimately takes your confidence away. When he was 18, he got a transplant, which did not work well. Transplants are expensive, and at some point, he gave up. He did not want to spend any more money on them, and when he was almost giving up, he heard about SKALP, “I had heard about the Scalp tattooing, so I looked into it, did my research and then I was going to give it a go.”

Skalp Hair Replacement London

At Skalp, James found very friendly people who listened to his problem, and he knew he had come to a place with the best hair loss treatment for men.  He was slightly reserved on telling the Skalp experts his problem, but he says he was finally able to do so. As he says, “it was more their people skills”. Skalp started working on James’ hair by working on the top first, but James insisted that he wanted work on the sides done too so everything could blend.


SKALP carried out scalp micropigmentation on James hair giving it a near-natural look. The procedure completely reverses the hair loss problem giving you back your confidence. Anyone can have micro pigmentation done to reverse hair loss. Micropigmentation does not only save your hairline, but it also saves the way you interact with the people around you.


While weaves and wigs require constant maintenance, SMP, on the other hand, requires much less maintenance. SKALP hair replacement London has many experts that will guide you in all the aftercare procedures of SMP. These are a necessary part of the treatment, which if followed carefully and as directed, you will have no problems at all.

Hair replacement solution

If you are suffering from hair loss and do not know what to do, come to SKALP and restore your hair back. We are affordable and assure you of durability. The results are immediate, and the treatment is simple and easy. Like James says. “I do not have to shave as much anymore, so I’ve saved a fortune on razors”.


SMP does save you a lot regarding costs. Be another happy customer like James today and look as good as new.


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See the full Scalp Micropigmentation Testimonial by Skalp® James’ video filmed at our Skalp UK London Clinic.



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