Alopecia Head Tattoo in New York Review- Joey’s Story


 Head Tattoo in New York Review- Joeys Alopecia Story

Alopecia areata is a disorder that leads to loss of hair and can occur at any age. It causes complete baldness of the entire scalp, known as alopecia totalis or affect the scalp and all other body-hairs like beards, eyebrows, eyelashes and so on – referred to as alopecia universalis. Alopecia areata is not curable, however at SKALP; there is a fantastic solution of scalp tattoo for the problem. Following is a head tattoo in new york review for alopecia treatment as told by one of our clients, Joey.


After suffering alopecia areata since he was a toddler, Joey from Stoneham did not know what to do. However, all this was before he visited SKALP to seek help for this problem. This is what Joey said about his alopecia and SKALP. “I was three years old when I started losing my hair to alopecia areata, and then as I grew up, I kept losing more and more body hair from my eyebrows, eyelashes and then completely everything.”


Watch Joey’ s video filmed in New York:



Before Skalp

Alopecia Head Tattoo in New York Review - before Skalp Treatment


Joey’s problem was extensive, and he wanted to have a normal life like everyone else, but his hair loss was a nagging problem. This earned him a nickname from his friends, which he tattooed on his arm to remind him of what he was going through. Joey continues, “My tattoo became my security blanket more than anything so I relied on that, then I heard about SKALP, and it looked like something I would be interested in because I was more concerned with how I would look with my hair. This company SKALP would be great for me to have my vision come true.” Joey tried different kinds of medication to fight the problem, but nothing seemed to work.


The alopecia areata affected his confidence, and he could not go anywhere without a hat or a bandana. Joey says “it affected my confidence a little bit and I was scared to talk to girls, even though everybody told me I look great, but the problem bothered me”. Going to SKALP helped bring back his confidence and he started seeing life in a completely different light.


After Skalp

Joey Head Tattoo in New York Review - after SkalpAlopecia Head Tattoo in New York Review


After the alopecia areata treatment, Joey says, “I’m taking a vacation soon. I have watched testimonial videos of success stories, and I want to be as happy as them.”


The transformation of his hair was so good that many of his friends could not believe it because the scalp tattoo looked so real that few people believed it was not his actual hair.


Today many people just like Joey are getting their cool and confidence back all thanks to SKALP. Males of all ages can undergo the scalp tattoo treatment for alopecia areata, but if you are under 18 years, you need to have consent from your parents. Our New York, SKALP USA clinic charges $5000 for a full head tattoo. This is a treatment for a full head including the back and both sides of the head. Scalp tattoo treatment at SKALP USA is permanent.

Skalp USA Head Tattoo in New York Review – Conclusion.

Head Tattoo In New York Review - Joeys SMP After


Joey concludes by saying “when I first came home after the first session, my mum couldn’t believe it, my dad, my brothers and my sister plus I was pretty sure my dog was barking at me he didn’t know who I was. They were so surprised.”


You too can bring your smile and confidence back by visiting SKALP for your alopecia areata treatment.


We understand you want to take a proactive approach to your current hair condition by getting all the information needed to make the right decision for you. The best way to do that is through our complimentary consultation. Let our highly trained and experienced practitioners, evaluate your current hair condition. Together, we can create customized treatments that will bring about your desired look.


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