A Hair Raising Cure For Baldness


A Hair Raising Cure For Baldness- The Best Hair Loss Treatment 2018

We’re all finally back to work after the holidays and well into the swing of things. Luckily for us scientists have wasted no time revealing what could be fantastic news. According to new research, a possible solution to baldness could be on the cards. Now, of course, we’ve heard this a million times before, but we believe there could be something to this.


Stem cell science has the potential to help a whole range of human diseases in the future. Now, using stem cells from mice, scientists were able to create skin with hair follicles. This is the first time scientists created natural hair with both the epidermis and dermis skin layers.

A Hair Raising Revolution

Man being examined at hair loss clinic- new news for the best hair loss treatmentThere have been plenty of previous attempts to create realistic skin tissue before. But they were never able to come as close to resembling real skin as this latest attempt. With over 20 different cell types previous skin models could only re-create 5 or 6. The ability to grow hair has never before been possible until now. This marks a big jump forward for the medical field. Hair is extremely complex and being able to grow it could change a lot of treatments.

The work by Professor Karl Koehler and his lab team could shake-up hair loss treatment in the future. Suffice to say that this breakthrough could put an end to hair loss for men and women everywhere. We must stress this is the first stage of the development and there are number of steps still to go. The next stage is finding out how hair follicles survive outside a lab environment.

If successful, the method could reduce animal testing and examine skin cancers. And, of course, to help cure baldness. This is the sort of news we all want to hear and we can only hope that this actually develops into a real cure. There is still some way to go before it becomes a real solution for hair loss. This will include extensive testing before human trials are even considered. But, the early signs are good, so we’ll keep a close eye the research as it develops.

The Best Hair Loss Treatment Available

If you are in need of a solution to help you right now, then there are still ways to improve your hairline. The most cost effective and long term option available to you is hair SMP. At Skalp™ we’ve provided scalp micropigmentation to thousands of customers over the years. From early to late stage baldness, a scalp hairline tattoo creates a realistic hairline to complement a shaven head.


Skalp is one of the best hair loss treatments available in 2018


If you are suffering from male pattern baldness or receding hairlines, our practitioners have the experience to help. They are all highly trained in micropigmentation, and have all used the process themselves. Our hair loss clinics offer free consultations so you can find out all you need to know before committing.

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