Has Trump Had Scalp Reduction


Did Trump Have Scalp Reduction? The release of Michael Wolff’s book, ‘Fire and Fury’, at the start of this year caused quite a bit of controversy. Given access to the inner sanctum of President Trump’s White House, his experience was eye-opening, to say the least. The fall out since the release of the book has been pretty spectacular. The Trump administration have responded to rubbish the book saying it is full of lies. It contains everything from the President’s mental stability, right through to his fast food habits and more. Amongst other things, one of the more curious bits of information that came out was related to Trump’s infamous hair.


Wolff alleged that back in the 80s, Donald Trump underwent scalp reduction treatment. Wolff insists it was the president’s own daughter, Ivanka, who said this. Few people would have heard of a scalp reduction before Wolff’s book. It begs the questions, what exactly is scalp reduction? Is it as painful as it sounds? Where does it come from and what is its purpose? Can it explain the bizarre and strange looking spread of hair that rests on Trump’s head? Read on and we’ll do our best to shed some light on this mysterious topic.


What is scalp reduction?

Today, scalp reduction is used to treat extreme cases of alopecia. The surgery procedure removes parts of the scalp affected by the condition and then reduces the bald areas on the head. Surgeons stretch and re-position the remaining parts to cover areas with less hair. In many cases, scalp reductions work in conjunction with a hair transplant procedure. People who have suffered traumatic burns on the scalp also have the same treatment.


The Trump Treatment

The procedure Donald Trump underwent back in the 80s was somewhat different. Its title back then was the Fleming/Mayer Flap. This involved twisting and pulling hair on the scalp into new positions. The idea was to cover up the areas that featured faulty follicles. Practitioners then stretch good, healthy hair across the parts with no hair. This procedure would’ve led to extreme pain after the surgery for many weeks. It goes without saying this is a practice no longer used today by hair experts.


Has Trump Had Scalp Reduction Surgery- photo of trumps thinning hair


Scalp micropigmentation

Of course, scalp reduction is far from a modern invention since it has existed since the 1920s. The 80s was a time when hair transplant surgery also started to emerge. Today, you do not have to rely on such painful scalp reduction procedures to manage hair loss. The Skalp™ micropigmentation procedure is pain-free and cost-effective. Because of this, the benefits of hair SMP are simple and easy to understand. You can restore your hairline forever, look younger and feel more confident.

A bald hair tattoo hides imperfections and looks realistic. It is a safe and fast procedure that will change how you present yourself to the world. A scalp hairline tattoo may sound like scalp reduction but they couldn’t be more different! Whether you suffer from alopecia or age-related hair loss, our service can help. We’ve helped to transform thousands of lives thanks to our caring and considerate approach.


Gerbeshi Before Scalp Micropigmentation 2Gerbeshi After Scalp Micropigmentation 1


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