Non-Surgical Hairline Restoration


Non-Surgical Hairline Restoration


non surgical hairline restoration results




Micropigmentation is the ideal way to restore a thinning or receding hairline without requiring any kind of surgical procedure. Hairline restoration doesn’t have to be expensive. Being much kinder on the pocket than transplants, scalp tattoos are also a better alternative if there are budget constraints.

Scalp micropigmentation creates the appearance of real hair, without the need for painful and expensive transplant surgery. Indeed, scalp tattoos actually make more sense than transplants, in many situations. If you aren’t sure which method would best suit you, we are more than happy to advise – simply get in touch with us today for a consultation.

This kind of treatment is ideal for women also, not just men, who are experiencing thinning hair through alopecia or trichotillomania. Scalp treatments such as ours can also be useful if a hair transplant didn’t ‘take’ or where hair loss occurred after an operation or accident.

Is scalp micropigmentation right for me?

Scalp micropigmentation, or scalp tattoos, provide a totally surgery free, as well as long term, answer to hair loss that has resulted from:

Scalp pigmentation works because it creates a natural looking ‘simulation’ of ‘stubble’ and small hair growth. It does this by mimicking the appearance of a short hair growing from its follicle. Tiny points of pigments are literally, and incredibly skillfully, tattooed into the skin of the scalp. This gives the appearance of natural hair growth.

Has anyone famous had scalp micropigmentation treatment?

Contrary to popular opinion, scalp pigmentation is not just for those on a budget. Very often, this treatment is simply the more logical choice vs transplants. Lots of celebrity names have had this kind of hair loss treatment, rather than the surgical alternative.

Former Manchester United star Quinton Fortune received micropigmentation treatment back in 2013 and isn’t shy about advertising the fact, either and why would he be? He looks great.

NFL star Louis Rankin received his treatment in 2014 you would never be able to tell the difference, even if you knew beforehand that he had had scalp tattoo treatment for his hairline. There are also the likes of Nicky Jam and Damon Elliott. These are just a few of the celebrities to have the treatment that are vocal about it.

A few others, such as LeBron James, are fairly secretive and that’s ok, but whether they announce their decision to have micropigmentation or not, the fact remains that they look great.

If you are on the fence as to whether or not micropigmentation is for you, just drop us a line for chat and we can talk you through the whole thing and answer any questions that you may have. There is no time like the present, so get in touch today.

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