WARNING- This Popular Hair Loss Medication Could Trigger Erectile Dysfunction.


WARNING- This Popular Hair Loss Medication Could Trigger Erectile Dysfunction!

hair loss drug causes erectile dysfunction





Around half of men over 30 in the UK suffer with alopecia at some stage in their lives. Most of those use who do, use medications and procedures to try and regain their hairlines.  Some medications however do have scary consequences – such as erectile dysfunction. (Who orders that at the same time as trying to treat their hair loss?).


Male-pattern baldness is the type of hair loss that most people know about, in one way or another. Men suffering with male-pattern baldness will usually have a receding hairline. But it is common for the crown and temple areas to suffer as well.


There are lots of treatments available now, including in the form of medications, but experts are increasingly warning against some of these because of the associated risks. One of the bigger risks, as first cited by doctors at the International Andrology London, is erectile dysfunction.


Post-finasteride Syndrome

Post-finasteride syndrome is a condition brought on by a drug named 5-alpha reductase type II. The drug is meant to halt hair loss and prevent the body from rejecting new hair when transplants are used.  Hair loss isn’t the only thing that is stopped though, as the drug can also cause other issues:


As if those three were not bad enough, and they really are, other side effects can be expected too:




Propecia finasteride hair loss drug side affects













All of these side effects have started to become so common that the Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation was started. Its aim is to boost awareness about the drug and the conditions that it brings out in people.


Hair Transplant Alternatives?

As you would expect, clinics are fully aware of the problems that the medications they use during hair transplants can bring and so are obligated to fully enlighten the patients. The drugs themselves are starting to become much more clearly labeled, too which can only be a good thing.


Research into finding safe alternatives are ongoing, which is likely the very least that anybody can expect at this stage, but you have to ask yourself – with the litany of damaging side effects that are associated with this drug, wouldn’t an alternative treatment be more preferable?


There’s one thing to be said about tattoos – they have never been accused of lowering your libido! That being said, with micropigmentation being something of an art form as well as an effective treatment to regain that hairline, nobody would ever know it wasn’t actual hair anyway.


Right now, there is only one way to get your hairline back that doesn’t include the risk of walking away a manic depressive with erectile dysfunction. (what a combination!) . And without the need for wearing a hairpiece (nothing wrong with that either, of course). The solution is micropigmentation from experts such as ourselves at Skalp. Learn more about Skalp Micro pigmentation treatment here , or visit the frequently asked questions page here.


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