Are Bald Men Attractive? We Have The Answer!


Are bald men attractive? We Have The Answer!

You may be losing your hair, feeling a bit insecure, then find yourself asking ‘Are bald men attractive?’  The short answer is: Yes, obviously!

Bald man contemplating do women find bald men attractive


Being bald has not restricted the stellar careers of the likes of Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and even John Travolta.

Women have a wide range of tastes when it comes to men. So let’s look at the facts to get a better idea why women find bald men attractive.

The reasons for going bald

First up, most men will have a small bald spot on the crown of the head from an early age.

Secondly, most balding men have 95% pattern balding.

Thirdly, and quite surprisingly, one in four men begins balding when they reach the age of 30.

Finally, men need to appreciate that there is a four in seven chance of them inheriting the baldness gene from their parents.


However, other reasons for going bald include poor nutrition, enduring a traumatic incident or having an unhealthy scalp problem. There’s also the issue of alopecia as well as.


So, what can a guy losing his hair do?

The simple answer, according to Mail Online, is to shave your head. That’s because they carried out research that revealed a shaved head makes men look more manly. It also shows a man’s dominant side and makes them appear stronger and stand out from the crowd. Without over-egging the pudding, Mail Online also says that bald men appear taller and more powerful.

Are those qualities that would make a man attractive to either sex?


The attractiveness of bald men

And just to underline this issue, the University of Pennsylvania conducted research on the attractiveness of bald men by showing members of the public photos of men with short hair, long hair, as well as those who are partially bald and completely bald. It should come as no surprise that the bald guys came out as the clear winners with those looking at the photographs saying that the men were more influential and powerful. They also said they had ‘authority’.


In other research, researchers showed people images of men with a full head of hair and with the hair removed digitally and asked to rate them. The research found that men who were bald or had shaved heads were considered to be more dominant naturally. When the researchers looked at the images with the hair removed, those looking at the images thought the men were not only taller and stronger but also more confident, masculine and dominant.


Consider scalp micro-pigmentation

However, there are steps a man who is going bald can take to boost their attractiveness and that’s to consider scalp micro-pigmentation or SMP.  Essentially, the treatment is a medical hairline tattoo and is a nonsurgical life-changing treatment for many people. The expertise in applying natural pigment is to replicate the appearance of real hair follicles as if they are a natural part of the scalp. It looks natural and boosts confidence.


For more help and advice about whether scalp micro-pigmentation is for you, contact the experts at Skalp


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