Men Under 35 Turn To Drink And Drugs To Cope With Hair Loss


Survey Reveals Men Under 35 Turn To Drink And Drugs To Cope With Hair Loss

A recent hair survey by Asda Pharmacy revealed that a quarter men under 35 struggled to deal with hair loss. The best coping mechanism for these men was turning to drink and drugs. These are figures that also confirm our own findings. Men from similar ages have raised these concerns when visiting our hair loss clinic. Facing up to reality of losing your hair is as much an emotional stress as it is a physical battle.

Quite often, young men find it hard to talk about an issue associated with older men. We can see this further within the answers from the survey. As many as 36% stated that losing their hair was one of their biggest concerns. An even higher rate of 41% said that rather than lose all their hair, they’d rather lose the sight in one eye or their home!


Men under 35 turn to drink and drugs to cope with hair loss


That so many young men would give such extreme answers should be of huge concern. Especially when turning to drink or drugs as a way of escaping reality. There is nothing wrong with a drink every now and then, of course. But if a direct cause of drinking and drug taking is stress, it will do little to help solve the real problem.

One final cause for concern found in the survey relates to hair transplants. 31% of under 35s in the UK would consider undergoing the procedure. Opting for desperate measures happens because men feel hair loss is out of their control. But if you are losing your hair at a young age, the sad news is it is likely to continue. A hair transplant offers a short term remedy. Long term it will mean extensive and repeated treatment.

If you feel you fall into any these categories, a good place to start is with the Norwood Hamilton Balding Scale. Sometimes our perception can be different from reality and it helps to get some clarity. This pictorial scale shows the different stages of hair loss and what level yours might be at to help avoid misdiagnoses.


Two common questions asked by those experiencing hair loss is, should I shave my head, and what would I look like with a shaved head? It may sound like a drastic measure but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Hairline Micropigmentation offers the perfect way to make the most of a shaven head. The next question to ask yourself is, why suffer the stress of hair loss when you can be one of those handsome bald guys?!

Micropigmentation is also referred to as a scalp hairline tattoo. At our London hair clinic, as well as our Manchester, Edinburgh and New York locations, we first consult and then suggest a bald hair tattoo to match your individual skin tone and hair pigmentation. It’s a treatment designed to make you look and feel great, offering a long term regain your confidence.

If you’d like to find out more about Micropigmentation, get in contact to set-up a consultation. Any advice or quote we provide is free because we are passionate about what we do.


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