Celebrities with SMP


Celebrities with SMP – Scalp Micro Pigmentation Hair Restoration Treatment


It’s easy to forget that celebrities are human just like ourselves. For all the fame and fortune they experience, they have to deal with the same body related issues. That includes hair loss, and if these celebrities with hair transplants have completely put you off hair surgery, we don’t blame you! There is however a non surgical alternative- SMP.


Celebrities have also used scalp micro pigmentation as their permanent solution to hair loss. You may not have noticed because once scalp micro pigmentation is finished it creates a truly flawless look.


Read on to find out 4 celebrities with SMP and you’ll see just how amazing the treatment really is:


Andros Townsend SMP

The Crystal Palace and England footballer underwent the procedure in the 2016. Fans will have noticed he has had a permanent shaved head ever since. What they won’t have realised is this is a perfectly stylised hair tattoo. It’s a far smarter choice than paying £10-£20,000 on a hair transplant like Wayne Rooney. It’s sleek, effective and looks exactly like his real hairline.


Fabrice Le Physique SMP

Celebrities with SMP - Fabrice La Physique


Fabrice is a high-profile personal trainer, who once represented Cameroon at table tennis. Now he helps people like Matt LeBlanc and Bloomberg CEO Michael Liebriech to keep in shape. Early this year he came to Skalp to undergo the hair SMP treatment and was naturally amazed by the results. You can find out more about his story by watching his YouTube story here.


Alex Beresford SMP

alex beresford smp celebrities with smp


The Good Morning Britain weatherman keeps us updated daily about the skies above. He has also presented the national ITV Weather for over 10 years. Exactly when and where Alex had his bald hair tattoo treatment remains unknown. But our trained eyes can see the detail that many others may not have seen. Scalp hairline tattoos are not always easy to see, which is a testament to how great they look.


Dr Esho SMP

Known for his work on Channel 4’s Body Fixers, Dr Esho has developed an unrivalled reputation in the aesthetics industry. This has seen him work with some of the biggest names in entertainment who all trust his experience and expertise. So it makes sense that he came to our London Skalp clinic in 2016 to receive the very best SMP treatment available, and he couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.


As you can see, hairline micropigmentation is more common than you may realise. These are just a handful of celebrities with SMP, many have the treatment and go completely undetected. It is considerably cheaper than hair transplants and produces a much more consistent and longer lasting look.


At Skalp ® we are the only SMP company who offer a free ‘virtual hairline mock-up’ service. This means, you can find our how your new SMP hairline would suit you before committing to the treatment. All you need to do is arrange a free consultation at your nearest clinic here.


Skalp have 8 clinics in major clinics across the world:  London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin, New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Marbella and Amsterdam. We have plans for Paris in 2020.

At Skalp® we have treated many celebrities with SMP and are known for our first class service.

To find out more information about SMP treatment  fill in our simple online here.


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