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Deciding whether or not you should undergo a hair transplant procedure is a big step and you should weigh in the odds carefully. If you are contemplating to go through hair replacement surgery, or other non-surgical hair restoration procedures but aren’t quite sure of what to expect yet, one good point of reference is to look at celebrities who have had hair transplants over the years. It is of course important to note that the results will vary according to many factors such as maintenance, where you get it done and how well your new hair will suit you. Celebrities cannot risk their personal appearance, therefore they only go for the best clinics and you should too! Here are some of the famous men who have undergone hair transplant procedures:

Gordon Ramsay

The celebrity chef famous for his TV cooking shows Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef USA has had issues with hair loss. Ramsay underwent follicular unit extraction from the Alvi Armani clinic in Los Angeles, USA. It was rumoured that Ramsay’s procedure took over a staggering 12 hours to complete! Follicular unit extraction is known to be a notoriously lengthy process. He reportedly had hair transplant treatment twice.

Wayne Rooney

The Manchester United frontman went through the same hair replacement treatment as Gordon Ramsay. During a follicular unit extraction, hair from the other parts of your scalp are plucked and plugged one by one on the areas where hair loss is most visible. He even proudly announced having undergone hair transplant treatment to his followers on Twitter, justifying that the reason for his decision was because his hair has been thinning out at the young age of 25 and why shouldn’t he go for a hair transplant. The result of the hair transplant seen on Rooney is remarkable.

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh is famous for his stint on the X-Factor. He reportedly splurged £30,000 to get hair transplant. He has had ultra-refined follicular unit transplantation done from a clinic in Dublin, Ireland. He has been vocal about his hair transplant, even frequently cracking jokes about it on TV.

Josh Nesbitt

Nesbitt had his hair transplant done from the same clinic in Dublin where Louis Walsh had his. He says that he decided to do the procedure after it posed as a significant effect on his career. Nesbitt was so proud of his new head of hair; he even agreed to appear on one of the clinic’s testimonial videos.

Elton John

Elton John has become a household name in UK and across the globe. The immensely talented singer observed that his hair had started to show signs of thinning and balding in the 70’s. John is probably one of the first major celebrities to undergo hair transplant procedure. His decision has sparked conversations and interest in the procedure because he was one biggest star in music when the significant change in his hair was noticed. At that time, not many people knew about or even considered going through a hair transplant procedure.

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