Does Stress Affect Your Hairline?


Does stress affect your hairline? Photo of man with receding hair looking distressed


Does stress affect your hairline?

Stress can be a vicious cycle that is hard to break. Men are great at mentioning how stressed they can be. But doing something about it? We’re not so hot. From a young age men learn to bottle up their emotions, told it is a weakness to reveal feelings. This can have a damaging effect later in life if you do not learn to cope with emotional changes.


How does stress affect your hairline?

Chewing down the stress is the easy thing to do at first but the long term effects it can have on the body can be drastic. Stress can lead to alopecia areata which can create baldness anywhere on the body. There is also a condition called trichotillomania. That habit where you are picking at the hair on your head or beard? That could be stress related too. It can create patches on your facial hair and, of course, on your head too.


This differs from pattern baldness as it will grow back but you can prevent it happening in the first place. If your hair is falling out in clumps, you could be experiencing telogen effluvium. This ‘shocks’ the hair follicles resulting in you losing a lot of hair. The good news is that this is usually temporary, so your hair will grow back. There is also no proof that it’s linked to male pattern baldness.


The tricky thing is that stress creates more stress, which can make short term hair loss a long term concern. If stress causes you to experience hair loss, it can create anxiety about your appearance. This can feel like something of a vicious cycle that is hard to break. Stress often has an effect on our diet, either increasing bad food choices, or lowering our intake. This can also have an impact on the health of our hair on a short and long term basis.


Is there anything that can help?

We all suffer from stress at some point in our lives. Some are better than dealing with it than others. Either way, reducing your exposure to it is key, as is finding an outlet when you do experience it. Having an interest you are passionate about helps and exercise is a great way of raising your endorphin levels. If your stress levels feel unmanageable then seeking professional advice is the first important step to make.


The good news is that hairline micropigmentation can help you recover from stress related hair loss. Whether small or large scale, our hair SMP specialists can provide a free, detailed consultation at our London hair clinic, based on your hairline. A scalp hairline tattoo can not only help physical hair loss but help reduce stress levels too. This corrective treatment is more cost effective than many other available solutions. In only a few short sessions a Skalp™ bald hair tattoo treatment can restore a full or partial hairline.


To answer the question “Does stress affect your hairline?” the answer would be yes. Stress affects hormones in the body which can create issues such as hair loss. If you want to be free from the stress of hair loss, scalp micro pigmentation could be the answer.


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