What to do about thinning hair


man looking anxious about thinning hair and hair loss


With so many of us suffering from hair loss and thinning hair, wondering what to do about thinning hair is a common question.

For instance, you may be suffering from stress or depression and for some people, their diet will also be an issue.

Without having to visit a specialist, such as a trichologist, let’s have a look at the top tricks for dealing with thinning hair.

What to do about thinning hair in 3 steps:

Step one: eat more protein

For those who are struggling with nutritional hair thinning then increasing the amount of protein in your diet will help. Having a healthy diet will also boost wellness and make your hair look healthy.


Step two: increase your vitamin intake

There’s no doubt that for someone who has a poor diet they may well be deficient in some vitamins, particularly vitamin D and B12. By boosting your intake of fish, meat, and dairy, you will boost your B12 intake as well. It may also be an idea to boost your iron intake.


Step three: care for your scalp

Hair experts will tell you that a healthy scalp equals healthy hair. There are products available that will help the scalp remain healthy and encourage hair growth. Look for those that moisturise, soothe and hydrate the scalp.

Another issue, as highlighted in various pieces of research, is that by smoking you will be at greater risk of becoming bald. That’s because the toxins found in cigarette smoke can reduce the blood flow to hair follicles that will create pattern baldness and thinning hair. You may also find that reducing your alcohol intake will have a positive benefit on hair growth as well.

It’s also possible that you may be suffering from a medical condition which is leading to your hair thinning or falling out; medical advice from a doctor will soon reveal whether this is the issue.


How to prevent thinning hair

Essentially, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ on how to prevent thinning hair and as mentioned previously, watching what you eat is a step in the right direction. Exercise can have a big impact on your body, including your hair. Regular exercise will not only increase circulation but if you have low circulation your hair will struggle to grow. It’s also important to keep yourself hydrated; you should be drinking eight glasses of water a day and anything more than this should have a positive difference in your hair growth.

It should also go without saying that for those who are struggling with thinning hair, it’s time to avoid heat on your hair. For instance, hair straighteners and dryers can have an adverse effect and you should really dry your hair naturally after washing.

Question of hair loss and thinning

The question of hair loss and thinning is one that is asked by many people every day and while there’s no killer answer to resolve the problem, there are ways to adapt to a new situation for your hair. If your thinning hair gets to a point where you would like to find a solution, this non-surgical hairline restoration treatment could help. 

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