5 Celebrity Hair Transplants In The News Now


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On the face of it, celebrities seem to live a pretty good life. They get paid well, live in the best houses, have access to the exclusive events and generally exist in a world far away from our own. In front of the cameras, they are always looking immaculate and their lives hardly seem to have any problems at all.

Thankfully, they’re only human. Despite all the make-up, lighting, designer clothing and preferred camera angles, they suffer the same problems as us all. That includes male pattern baldness. Read on below to see celebrity hair transplants trending in the news right now.

Declan Donnelly

We’re not totally convinced of this one yet but we’re quite confident. Eagle-eyed viewers of ‘I’m A Celebrity..’ aren’t sure if he’s cut his hair, or transplanted someone else’s onto his head. Since the start of the programme social media has been going crazy trying to figure out the truth. Will it be hair today, gone tomorrow?

Declan Donnelly from 'Im a celebrity get me out of here' in the news for new hair do

Image Credit: https://www.celebsnow.co.uk

Anton du Beke

He’s been an ever-present on our screens, flying around the ballroom in Strictly Come Dancing since 2014. But he was in no mood to dance around the subject of hair transplants this week. When watching back his dance routines he noticed his locks were thinning. Next thing you know he’s spent £10,000 to cover up the bald spots.

Alex Beattie

It’s difficult to tell if it was the sun or the fame that went to his head but something definitely did. Only last month he underwent a hair transplant procedure to, as he says, “cover the height of my forehead.” Doesn’t sound like a man suffering from baldness. There’s a chance he also asked about personality transplants too. For a friend, of course…


Alex Beattie from Love Island revealed celebrity hair transplant for receeding hairline

Image Credit: ( Instagram/alex.beattie)

Jeremy McConnell

The one-time Mr Ireland runner-up and star of Celebrity Big Brother went the whole hog recently. Altering his hairline wasn’t enough. Instead, he doubled-up and had his beard done too. He flew all the way out to Turkey to have it done in secret. But there’s no hiding how ridiculous he looks now…


Jeremy McConnell Hair and Beard Transplant

Image credit: http://www.mirror.co.uk

Gareth Gates

Remember him? Well, we do…just. Since the heady days of Pop Idol back in 2002, he has gone on to sell 3.5 million records. He’s also performed in Les Misérables and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour. Who knew? He also recently paid for a hair transplant in a bid to bring back the glory years.



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