Side Effects of Hair loss it’s Okay to have


Hair loss can be hard issue to come to terms with, in the immediate and the long term. In fact, some of the people that come to see us have never gotten over their hair loss, often even after a decade or more.

It’s a big change, after all our hair and our hair style are a colossal part of our physical identity and the way we look and feel. It’s understandable why you have certain negative feelings after hair loss – so here are a list of some of the more common, so you know you’re not alone.

Body Image Issues Hair loss can alter your physical appearance naturally and can even change the way the face is looks as the hairline is changed. Studies show that men that lose their hair are more dissatisfied with physical appearance than those that have minimal hair loss.

Self-Esteem Without physical beauty, our self-esteem takes a hit. Hair is a cornerstone of how we look physically and physical beauty is a corner stone of our self-esteem, so when one takes a blow the other does too.

Anxiety Losing your hair can be mildly embarrassing and cause anxiety. Rest assured hair loss is the simple case of other people not really noticing nearly as much as you do. However, it still can hurt. Going from having a full head of hair to one that’s receding and very different physically can be quite disheartening. For example, if you’ve worn your hair a specific way all of your life or for years and suddenly it’s not there anymore for worse, you’ll possibly find it hard to deal with and this can cause anxiousness.

End of Youth We associate hair loss with the end of youth and virility and it can create concerns about getting older. This is often added to as it also implies the end of desirability and many see it as ushering in their physical decline. This of course isn’t the case, as men of all ages lose hair and a lot of women find bald men sexy. However, these associations can still cause negative feelings and associations and we can help you do something about it at Skalp with our treatment.

Social Teasing Hair loss is a very notable physical change and a lot of men end up being teased for losing their hair at some stage of their life – up to 60% according to some suggestions. This also causes self-esteem to take a hit of course.

Social life A balding head of hair can also effect social life and many men who lose their hair find its impact on how they feel also affects their social activities. It’s important to look and feel you look good for social engagements and for many men baldness can cause problems in this area.

Subconscious Jealousy People experiencing hair loss often end up suffering feelings of jealousy and envy, simply because they covet having a full head of hair and all that goes with it.

These are just some of the feelings it’s natural to have if you begin going bald. However, we’re able to help. Our Micro Pigmentation treatment is renowned and can help replicate and blend hair follicles and create a convincing, attractive hairline in just two visits to our Skalp Clinic in London. Contact us for details or take a look at our hair pigmentation review.



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