5 Causes of Hair Loss

top causes of hair loss and thinning hair

5 Top Causes of Hair Loss – And How To Combat Them

For your ease, Skalp has summarised five main reasons which are causes of hair loss or baldness. Hair is one of the most tempting features of a human body. We want to keep thick, nourished and shiny hair. We give our hair new styles and different cuts to look different. Even the thought of hair loss, thinning of hair or baldness can provide us with a jolt of disappointment and anxiety.

Below are the 5 top factors that can cause hair loss.

  1. Poor dietary intake

You must be alert to your diet. A healthy diet leads to a healthy lifestyle. Your diet must contain every vitamin, nutrient, and mineral in balanced proportions. It is essential for you to have a proper intake of nutrients critical to make your hair grow quickly and properly. The most exigent nutrient for your hair is protein. If you avoid eating proteins, add it to your diet from now on. The essential requirement of your hair is protein. Food which contains protein is fish, eggs, milk, cheese, beans and poultry meat, etc.

  1. Excessive stress

We understand that your life is full of stressful events. When one ends the other begins. It is a continuous cycle. You can’t get rid of them. Stress acts like a slow poison. It doesn’t leave its side effects on your body at that very moment. The effects begin to show up after some weeks and even some months. Usually, you don’t bat an eye to those stressful moments. You don’t even link the two events; the stress and the hair loss, but unfortunately it is found that stress, depression, anxiety, whatever name you give it, has a direct link to hair loss. If you want flawlessly thick hair, then make sure to leave the stress behind.

  1. Poor hair hygiene

You are so lost in your busy routine that you barely have time for your body. You neglect your minor details which collectively leave a significant impact. In a lay man’s theory, hair care means merely to wash your hair with shampoo. But this is not the correct way. Shampooing, blow-drying, straightening, curling, exposure to chemicals in the name of gels and sprays, can be disastrous to your hair in the long run. Ultimately, all this causes hair loss.


  1. Genetics

Well, there are many things which are beyond your control. One of such things is the inheritance of baldness or hair loss. If your father got bald at the age of 50, then the probability of you getting bald at the same age is quite high. Inheritance can’t be stopped or avoided. But yes, you can delay the loss of hair with a proper diet and prevention techniques.

  1. Hormonal fluctuations

A human body works under hormones and neurological signals. Usually, women appear happy during pregnancy with their lush, shiny, thick and long hair. This happens because she eats the right diet for the sake of her baby. But precisely after delivery, she suffers hair loss because of hormonal fluctuations. Hormones play a significant role in hair loss and baldness.

In conclusion

All these are the most common causes of hair loss and baldness. Although we can’t stop the hair loss permanently, we can take certain preventions. Eating a balanced diet and leading an enjoyable and stress-free lifestyle can help you delay hair loss. There is only one thing which is beyond your control, and that is the genes you inherited from your parents. But there is no need to let your hopes go down. There are treatments and medications which are helpful.

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