5 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Reduce Hair Loss

What can you do to reduce hair loss?

There are numerous lifestyle changes you can make to help reduce the rate at which you lose your hair. Whether you suffer from genetic baldness or you’ve been noticing your hair thinning, receding or falling out, some simple lifestyle changes might just be the solution to reducing your hair loss.

Whether you’re purely concerned with having a healthy head of hair, or you’re on the front lines of battling hair loss, making some easy and non-invasive lifestyle changes might be just what you need to help you feel more confident about your hair. Here are 5 lifestyle changes you can make to reduce hair loss. 

Stop Smoking

Whether you’re a causal social smoker, or you smoke regularly, quitting smoking can have massive benefits for your hair. Although kicking the habit mightn’t be the easiest, quitting or at least cutting down the amount of cigarettes you smoke can really help reduce the rate at which you lose your hair. 

The pollution from cigarette smoke alone is more than enough to damage our hair and skin over time. However, it has also been discovered that smoking cigarettes can cause damage to our hair follicles, reducing or stopping hair growth. 

Over time this can have a serious negative impact on the growth of our hair. Stop smoking and you can help reduce hair loss almost immediately.

Perform Regular Exercise 

It is recommended by the NHS that we should exercise for roughly 150 minutes per week, which equates to just under 22 minutes per day. 

Exercise doesn’t always mean going to the gym and performing a rigorous workout regime, it could be as simple as going for a walk, or being more active throughout the day. Start small and work your way up. 

Exercising helps to reduce stress levels, which in turn can help reduce the rate of hair loss. It also helps to increase blood flow, ensuring that our scalp is getting the nutrients it needs to promote healthy hair growth. 

Change Your Hair Products

This is often an overlooked area when it comes to reducing hair loss. Many people choose to wash their hair every day, however, this is not always the best thing to do. The best time to wash your hair is when it starts to get oily, rather than every day or every other day. This is because many hair products can often contain harsh chemicals which can lead to hair damage. 

Over-shampooing your hair could potentially lead to stunting hair growth. As well as this, using over the counter box hair dye products or even hair bleach can both have detrimental effects on your hair. 

Instead, try and change your hair products to products which contain natural oils and materials and that promote healthy hair.

Eat Healthy

Nobody wants to have to diet just to have healthy hair, but eating a healthy and balanced diet can help you intake all of the healthy micro and macro nutrients you need in your daily diet to help keep your body healthy, this includes your scalp and your hair. 

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Reducing the amount of stress in your life can also help to reduce hair loss. Stress and hair loss have been linked, so it is best to assess your life and attempt to reduce and get rid of anything that is causing you stress in your life. 

Bonus – Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Although not a lifestyle change, scalp micro pigmentation is a cosmetic procedure which includes the use of microneedles to tattoo pigmentation into ones scalp, thus resulting in a look that is similar to that of a closely shaven head. It can be carried out across the entire scalp or just one particular area.

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