Why am I going bald?



Why am I going bald?

It can be a frightening prospect. Because it doesn’t happen overnight hair loss victims often do not realise they have an issue until the complaint is clearly visible. Although it is linked to middle age and the elderly it can happen at any age and is especially devastating for the young person. It is symbolic of premature aging, it can cause embarrassment and a whole host of debilitating emotional feelings.

As much as the shaven head is high fashion, thinning hair or bald patches are not. So what could be causing that loss of hair and is there anything that can be done to treat it?

Male pattern baldness

MPB is a genetic illness – it is passed on through your family. You can get a good idea if you are going to inherit the complaint if you take a look at your mother and father. It appears as a bald patch on the crown of the head and receding hair at the front and sides of the skull. As a hereditary complaint it cannot be treated by medication. Sufferers are more likely to use methods to hide or mask their loss.

Alopecia and other hair loss complaints

Alopecia is probably one of the most well-known hair loss illnesses. There are three different types whose symptoms range from bald patches to hair loss over the whole of the body (Alopecia Universalis). Although it will be with you all through your life, it is not likely to be prevalent all the time. Also, there are both topical and oral lotions and medications to make living with it easier.


What you put in determines what you get out and if your body does not receive good nutrition it will not thrive. If your hair follicles do not obtain sufficient amounts of nurturing vitamins and proteins they will become weak and brittle, and hair growth may become delayed. (Check these vitamins out)

Poor hair care

A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. You need to be washing your hair regularly but not too often, as this can damage in the hair. In the same way such practices as dying, and perming should be done in moderation to avoid damage. Some fashions where the hair is held tight in place (i.e. cornrows; dreadlocks; pony tails) could also put extra stress on the hair follicles so take the style out regularly to allow for relief.

By Nick Cassells

Resident writer and researcher at Skalp®

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