Women too can face thinning, baldness and alopecia. Today’s females are losing hair more frequently than previous generations. In fact, Female pattern hair loss affects approximately 40% of women by age 50. Multiple studies have offered possible causes; stress, hormones, pollution, hair products, diet, pregnancy, and raised testosterone.

The effects can be devastating to confidence and self-esteem. Many women fear the additional loss of their sensuality and attractiveness.

Whatever is causing it – and whatever the individual effects – it is clear that a safe, accessible, and effective solution is needed.

Before & After

Scalp Micropigmentation for Female Hair Loss

During the SMP treatment, a needle deposits pigment into the 2nd dermal skin layer to replicate each hair follicle. We blend with real hair follicles and strands. Using multiple different shades we’ll subtly fill in and recreate follicles over three gradual treatments to give the appearance of thicker hair. The treatment is non-surgical, there is no recovery time and the results are instant.

What are the Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation?

  • Scalp Micropigmentation camouflages thinner parts of the scalp to disguise all stages of female hair loss.
  • Crucially, Scalp Micropigmentation does not impede the body’s own ability to regenerate the follicles – for example, when stress levels have returned to normal.
  • Scalp Micropigmentation is an effective camouflage for scarring from hair transplant surgery, burns, birthmarks, and alopecia.
  • It’s versatile enough for all ages, skin types, and hair colours.

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