Scalp Micropigmentation for Women


For women hair loss can be devastating, especially if you’re younger or already in a vulnerable position. There are issues for people of either sex when it comes to hair loss, however for women in particular it can feel like a true loss of identity.

For women, going bald can be a truly life changing experience. Many lose self-confidence and find going to the gym or even going for a swim is tough, simply because it means sharing communal areas.

Though not commonly known, hair loss among women is quite common, in fact around 8m women in the UK suffer from alopecia or some form of hair loss. Additionally, hair loss can be caused by a number of other factors including chemotherapy, pregnancy and genetic reasons.

It’s quite a regular occurrence, even if it’s not talked about that much. So, we’re going to look at some ways to learn how to deal with female hair loss.

Coping with Hair Loss

Hair loss can have a psychological impact on how we feel, our sense of identity and also our self-confidence. Acceptance is one of the most important parts of resolving the issue. Creating coping strategies can help your self-esteem and help you deal with the issue. Coping strategies include:

Talking and Sharing Stories

Knowing that there are other people in the same boat as you can make the whole process a lot easier. Talking to other people with hair loss, or looking through the many sites and videos available online will show you that you’re not alone and will also help you understand how others cope with the issue. There are over 8m women in the UK with hair loss and many will be happy to share their stories. Our advice is to seek them out.


Often there is nothing you can do about hair loss and as hard as it is, accepting it can be one of the most powerful things that you can do. Focusing on the other positives and not worrying about it will help you immensely and aid your confidence.

Family and Friends

Talk to family and friends about your hair loss. The earlier you do this the better. Talking to those close to you allows you the opportunity to get things off your chest. Let them know how you feel and how it is impacting on your relationship with others around you. Bottling up your feelings and how you are because of your hair loss is a negative – discussing it helps.

Cover Up

There are numerous ways to cover-up hair loss – wigs, hair extensions and scarves are all options. If they make you feel better and happier in yourself, then there is absolutely no harm in going down this route.


Our micropigmentation service is used by men and women alike and a lot of ladies find that our treatment makes them feel a lot better about who they are and how they look.

So, why not get in contact with us about our scalp micropigmentation options for women – we’d love to talk to you.article-2269813-1739E06B000005DC-427_634x329

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