Celebrities who have dealt with hair loss

When you have a medical condition it often feels as if you are the only one who has to put up with the symptoms and issues. Even worse, hair loss tends to be something guys keep to themselves so it is not usually a topic of conversation or something you can always share openly. But believe it or not you are far from being on your own. Statistics show that all men will suffer from Male Pattern Baldness sometime in their lives. And you know all those super-perfect celebrities with their rather wonderful locks and presentations? Believe it or not, they have been in your shoes too.

Here’s how some of the big names dealt with their hair loss issues:

Bruce Willis received star at Hollywood

Bruce Willis

Our Bruce has been up front about his hair issues for some time. He decided to go bald and many have very much given him the thumbs up both to his new fashionable clean bald look and for his refreshing approach in being open about the issue.

Will Young

Will Young

The winner of Pop Idol has tried various treatments to deal with his receding hairline. In 2005, some years after the TV contest he decided to shave his head – with mixed response from his fans. He has also been known to take the medication Propecia which, when taken regularly encourages hair growth.


Michael Jordan

Basketball star Michael Jordan is an American sports celebrity who like Bruce confronted the issue head on (sorry about the pun) and decided to cut to the chase and shave it all off.  We think this courageous step has won him many more fans – it is even claimed he even states now that it has given him a new trendy bald look which is more than he could ask for!


Wayne Rooney

This home-grown sports personality has perhaps been in the news re his hair loss more than anyone else over the last year. Home-grown being the optimum words here, the Young Manchester United player decided to undergo a hair transplant after being nicknamed Bobby Charlton by his team mates. It did seem at first that his new thatch had taken quite well but word has it that the hair transplant maybe thinning a little…


John Travolta

We’ve seen a few different hairstyles on this man since he was first seen in grease.  After cutting his hair short he suddenly had a huge head of hair. Most fans jumped to the conclusion that he had a hair transplant but it now comes to light that he prefers his hair pieces. Pity he will have to take that new youthful vital look off just before he goes to bed.

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