Micro Needling for hair loss- Does it work?


What is Micro Needling?

what is micro needling for hairloss?


We are lucky enough to live in a modern world where treatments for hair loss are improving every day. Micro needling is a relatively new treatment, offering an effective treatment for hair loss with a minimally invasive procedure. But what does micro needling for hair loss actually involve?


As a cosmetic hair loss treatment that has exploded in popularity over the last few years, you might have already heard of micro needling. If you have but are unsure of what the process involves read on. In this post, we’re taking you through the essentials of micro needling so that you can make an informed decision.


Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, micro needling is a cosmetic treatment that uses small, slim needles to inject microscopic punctures in the skin at key areas.


This activity stimulates the body to create a wound healing response, encourage increased collagen production and cell renewal for improved appearance. It is commonly used as a skin rejuvenation therapy to treat the signs of aging on the face and treat other skin imperfections including scarring, acne and stretch marks. It has also emerged as an effective method of hair restoration.


Micro Needling for Hair Loss

To complete the procedure, your surgeon will use either a derma pen, a derma roller or the “freehand” option for best results with micro needling for hair loss. Depending on the option that is recommended for you, the treatment either involves a handheld device that “rolls over” the head or a pen device with tiny surgical needles that make small punctures in the skin.


Micro Needling equipment derma roller


This activates the body’s healing response and encourages a rejuvenation process by stimulating the dormant hair follicles for optimal production and new hair growth. Micro needling is often used in tandem with topical hair restoration treatments such as Minoxidil in order to maximize the effects of treatment. However, every case of hair loss is different and only an expert will be able to identify the best possible regrowth avenue for you to take.


A more specific and highly effective form of micro needling is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. Otherwise known as the Vampire Treatment and favored by celebrities in its facelift form, the use of PRP within micro needling for hair loss has become increasingly popular in recent times.


Again, this procedure works with your body’s natural resources. Blood is taken from the arm before being spun in a centrifuge to separate out the plasma. The plasma is then injected directly into the scalp in key areas of hair loss or thinning to trigger regrowth in the hair follicles. This process has successfully increased hair count and thickness in many patients by re-establishing a healthy hair growth-and-rest cycle.


All types of micro needling are minimally invasive and most patients experience mild to no pain and discomfort. Most people report that the process feels like tiny pinpricks on the skin with a fleeting pain.


While skin may initially appear inflamed, this is just the body’s natural reaction and any redness will usually calm down between 24 and 48 hours after treatment. You may also notice some bruising but this will fade shortly after each session.

Does Micro Needling Work?

As a sophisticated treatment that works with your body’s natural resources and functions, micro needling is extremely effective for hair loss with studies showing improvements in both men and women suffering from different types of alopecia or pattern baldness.


Your body will begin the healing process immediately following the first session with each follow-up treatment complementing and enhancing the activity. The effects of the treatment will continue for a few months and you will likely see improvements over time as the hair continues to grow and the treatments full effects manifest. Patients typically notice decreased hair loss followed by regrowth and longer, stronger hair.


With any micro needling treatment, consistency is essential to gain the most out of the procedure. For best results, experts would usually a course of between four and 12 micro needling treatments with each appointment spaced between around a month apart. It is important to complete the full course of treatment as recommended by your surgeon in order to give your body the best possible opportunity to feel the benefits.


This also gives your hair and body enough time and resources to settle into their new pattern and continue to stimulate the growth factors and cells for optimum regrowth. Your chosen hair restoration specialists should monitor your progress throughout and adjust the treatment frequency if necessary.

How much does micro needling cost?


The cost and number of sessions required will depend on how advanced your hair loss is and other personal factors such as your budget and desired results. We would always recommend seeking advice from a trained professional in order to ascertain the best course of treatment for your individual circumstances.


Scalp Micro Pigmentation


If expensive treatments without guaranteed results aren’t for you, we also offer a range of treatments at Skalp to treat all types of hair loss. The results for scalp micro pigmentation treatment, unlike micro needling for hair loss are instant. Therefore after your very first scalp micro pigmentation treatment you see results and your new hairline start to take shape.



Scalp micro pigmentation also uses a micro needle however the treatments are very different. Scalp micro pigmentation uses a micro needle to inject tiny pigments of ink into the skin to mimic real hair follicles. When done by an expert, the results look so natural that no-one can tell you’ve had it done. The hairline tattoo procedure can completely recreate your hairline to give you a full, attractive and youthful full head of shaved hair.



Antonio Before Scalp Micropigmentation 2Antonio After Scalp Micropigmentation 2


Before and after scalp micro pigmentation treatment, see more micro pigmentation treatment results on our gallery page.


Our team at Skalp are highly experienced in hair restoration with an impressive track record. We would be more than happy to welcome you to the clinic and answer any questions you have with a no-strings initial consultation.


It’s important that you feel safe and comfortable with any treatment that you choose, and our practitioners will be able to assuage any concerns and clear up any confusion. We can also assess your hair loss to make practical and cost-effective recommendations for treatment. So, give us a call or come on down to your nearest clinic for coffee and a chat. We look forward to seeing you!


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