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Places Its NOT Appropriate To Wear A Hat

8th November 2019

Wondering where it is appropriate to wear a hat as a man? Hats are a wonderful accessory that can provide the perfect finishing touch to a whole range of different outfits. Whether smart or casual, there’s a hat for almost every type of occasion. Some people are bigger on them than others, but either way, […]

Are Bald Men Attractive? We Have The Answer!

15th September 2017

Are bald men attractive? We Have The Answer! You may be losing your hair, feeling a bit insecure, then find yourself asking ‘Are bald men attractive?’  The short answer is: Yes, obviously!   Being bald has not restricted the stellar careers of the likes of Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and even John Travolta. Women have a wide […]

Start your beard this Xmas and raise money for charity!

19th December 2016

Start your beard this Xmas and raise money for charity! Beards are definitely becoming an in-thing at the moment – they even make Father Christmas look trendy. But December is fast becoming a time to think about nurturing that manly chin bristle and join the party. And it’s not just because a beard is likely […]

The return of the beard!

25th November 2016

The return of the beard! Facial hair gets really big in November as guys around the world grow the most outrageous, odd, cool and simply wimpy moustaches for Movember. Hair loss is no problem for chaps who want to nurture their upper lips and give a little back to men’s health charities and show off […]

Hair loss: The Bald Statistics

24th November 2016

Hair loss statistics & bald facts Bald statistics aren’t hard to come by. There’s a lot of mumbo jumbo and frightening miracle cures on the internet. You need to look hard to find the truth in order to find the genuine and sincere company which offers a real effective service. But the problem is, if […]

10 hair stylists who will go down in history

1st September 2016

  10 hair stylists who will go down in history Every profession has those few unique individuals who are so far ahead of their nearest competition that they become household names and a benchmark for standards, innovation and creativity. Hair styling is rich in these unique men and women who have brought new insight, imagination […]

So are the Oscars Racist?

1st March 2016

It’s that time of the year again and, as always, it seems most of the western world holds its communal breath in anticipation of this year’s winners at Hollywood’s Oscar bash. The evening never seems to disappoint – it can’t really when most of the people who are obsessed with it are only really watching […]

Mark Ronson loses his hair over Uptown Funk

10th February 2016

Mark Ronson is one of those super cool guys from the pop industry who many of us admire, celebrate and aspire to. Like many celebs from the world of pop, funk and creative musical arts, carefully planned photo shoots, and staged videos always project our stars as far and away from the type of everyday […]

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