5 Ways To Boost Your Bald Confidence This Fall


5 Ways To Boost Your Bald Confidence This Fall

5 ways to boost your confidence this fall

Boosting Bald Confidence

Low confidence and self-esteem can hit us at any time of the year, especially when you start to notice you are going bald. With Fall coming clearly into sight it changes our view of the world too. 


From reveling in the freedom of the great outdoors, many of us now prefer to find our comfort zone in the warmth indoors. Skies become greyer, the floor looks wetter and the atmosphere becomes a little thicker. Thankfully, the same thing happens every year so most of us are fully prepared.


If you’re already feeling down about hair loss, or you start to notice it during the Fall, it can feel like a double whammy. So what can you do to improve your self-confidence when bald and give yourself a much-needed pick-me-up? Read on below to what suggestions we have in mind:

Take pride in your appearance

Even those blessed with natural good looks will tell you there are things they hate about their bodies. Hair loss may be out of your control but there are plenty of things that aren’t. Lose those extra pounds and keep in shape. Go to bed earlier so you look less tired in the mirror. Treat your skin and eat well. Buy some new clothes to freshen up your look. The great thing is, none of this costs too much and puts you in full control of the rest of your body. Don’t forget being confidence being bald doesn’t come easily to everyone, but the little things can add up and improve your mood. 

Getaway from it all

More and more people are taking up this option. Not only does it mean you can avoid the summer rush but you pick up some amazing deals too. There are so many places around the world you can visit that are full of sunshine while we fall into single digits. Book a cheap flight and give yourself a new perspective while the heat bounces off your skin and boosts your serotonin. A few days break can give you some perspective on your life and reduce your worries. By the time you come back, you’ll be a changed man, and full of confidence. 

Do something you enjoy

Work and professional commitments tend to dominate our lives. We wait until New Year arrives and make promises to ourselves we rarely keep. There is no better pick me up than indulging in a passion, or something you truly enjoy doing. It can be as trendy or nerdy as you want it to be (and let’s face it, most men are nerdy about something). Discover a new hobby and go for it. Don’t wait for a date on the calendar to think about the things you love doing. Life is short. Go out there, live and enjoy it.

Embrace the new you

We all get older, there’s no getting away from it. Male pattern baldness is far more common than you think. The difference is that some people are more prepared than others to accept the changing tides. But once you accept this is your new style, it brings relief and removes so much stress. Think about the positives. Men with shaved heads have far less grooming in the morning. Save money on hair products. You’re far wiser and make less silly mistakes. You appreciate what you have in life now. And don’t forget, scientific studies have found that women (and men) find bald men more attractive. They actually rated bald men on having higher attractiveness, confidence, and dominance. What more reasons could you need to feel better about your hair loss?

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For men who are experiencing low confidence, hairline micropigmentation can really help. A bald hair tattoo gives the realistic impression of a full hairline (see gallery). No matter how advanced your hair loss may be, hair SMP offers an affordable and fast solution. If you are asking yourself, “What is hair tattooing?” then we completely understand. It’s a relatively new approach to an age-old problem.


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