Mark Ronson loses his hair over Uptown Funk



Mark Ronson is one of those super cool guys from the pop industry who many of us admire, celebrate and aspire to. Like many celebs from the world of pop, funk and creative musical arts, carefully planned photo shoots, and staged videos always project our stars as far and away from the type of everyday concerns we all have to deal with. But Mark has been honest about how he has been affected physically and mentally after the production of one of the hottest singles he has produced.

Nobody has brought music production to the forefront of celebrity like Mark Ronson. In 2007 he brought out his stunning album “Versions” where he worked with top names such as Kasabian, Robbie Williams and Lily Allen. The single from the album, “Valerie”, went platinum across the globe and made him a household name as well as adding kudos to the long suffering Amy Winehouse. Then in 2014 came the mega-success of Uptown funk which he made with Bruno Mars.

Mr Ronson has that super cool presence on stage. He lets the big name celebs do their stuff while he quietly plays his guitar in in the background. For some reason your eyes are drawn to the quiet man who seems totally unfazed by the carnival that is happening around him. He is like the magnificent watchmaker making sure his precious creations are created to perfection. And he does it without turning a hair.

Then again “turning a hair” is probably the wrong metaphor. For beneath that super cool exterior Mark has been suffering for his art.

“Uptown Funk” was a glorious success with 1.3 million copies sold across the world but even though the song itself took a few seconds of inspiration (so he says), six months followed of trying over 50 different versions of the song and a hell of a lot of hard work in the studios. The result was anxiety and sickness and to top it all (no pun intended) his hair began to fall out with the stress of it all. He confessed to the Mail On Sunday that he lost an inch off his hairline.

We have highlighted often how stress can be a trigger for hair loss and it really is something you have control over. Sometimes an intense period of stress can become the norm if it is not confronted. Clearly Mark Ronson sussed where the issue was and was able to do something before there was too much of a problem.

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