5 Reason Why You Should Pair a Shaved Head With Facial Hair


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5 Reason Why You Should Pair a Shaved Head With Facial Hair

We love the shaved head look! We’re also fortunate to live in an era in which beards and bald heads command a lot of respect. Beards have been on a roll since, well, many years now, while a shaved or naturally-bald head has been riding a wave of popularity.

That said, why not pair them together?

You wouldn’t be alone. Men have rocked the beard with a bald head look for several years now and certainly no one is complaining. Considering that celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson, Michael Jordan, and many others, have sported the style, it can’t be all bad.

The fact is, there are plenty of reasons you should pair your bald head with a beard, and almost any beard style will work. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Both beards and bald heads exude confidence

Let’s start with the head.

By shaving what hair you have left – instead of trying to “make do” with an unsightly comb over – you show that you’re comfortable in your skin. You embrace what your body gives you without embarrassment or regrets. Moreover, it makes you appear that you’re more mature and in control. And women love men who are in charge of their life, present and future.

Here’s something else. A study conducted by the Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal show that men with thinning hair score the lowest on perceived traits such as dominance and being authoritative. If a bald head is going to earn you more respect, then why wait to shave off what little hair you have left?

How does a beard exude confidence? Let us count (some) of the ways:

But there’s more:

  1. Shaving your head and growing a beard saves you money

All you have to do is add up the money you spend at the barber and on shaving supplies. True, you’ll still need tools such as electric shavers and beard trimmers, but you won’t bust your budget on haircuts, razors and razor cartridges, and other assorted items. Shaved heads are budget friendly!

  1. Because you can

Research shows that men with male pattern baldness make up for the hair that’s missing on the head with the ability to grow a thicker beard than most men. Your facial hair is thicker and much coarser than the hair on your head. So, don’t fret if MPB is your enemy. Fight back with a beard that’s the envy of many.

  1. Because a beard and bald head look great together

Some things are just meant to go together and a beard paired with a bald head is no exception. As some observers suggest, a clean shaven face and head look too smooth – without enough contrast in your overall look.

But the contrast between a bald head and a beard is ideal; your head won’t seem too uniform and egg-shaped. If you’re a man who loves a beard, the contrast makes your beard stand out because it becomes the focal point of your face.

You can also consider undergoing a scalp micropigmentation treatment. It will make your hair loss virtually undetectable.

  1. You will have more style options

We’ve already mentioned that most beard styles look good with a bald head, but let’s narrow it down a bit. Here are some styles that work particularly well with a shaved head:

Stubble is a great look on most men if it’s cared for properly. It works very well if you have thick, dark facial hair. Just let your facial hair grow for a few days and then trim it down to stubble (and keep it there).

Again, if you don’t have hair on your head, it’s not a bad idea to show off what you have on your face and there’s no better way to do that than with a full beard.

The Chin Strap has gained popularity in recent years and works well if you have an angular or round face.

It’s hard to go wrong with a full goatee or classic goatee. It’s perfect for men with triangular faces.

Honestly, the question isn’t whether you should pair a beard with your bald head, but why wouldn’t you? It’s a popular look that balances out your face and gives the appearance of masculinity and confidence. You may be surprised by how good you look.


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