Shining a Light on Shiny Scalps

Shining a Light on Shiny Scalps

shiny scalps is a big problem among bald men

There has been an awful lot written about anti shine measures for the bonce, and that applies just as much to those bald guys as it does to those dealing with hair loss who have had scalp micro pigmentation (SMP).

For those looking for advice the truth is that many of the articles you read on line just give out the same old advice and bring nothing new to the topic.  Some even offer silly remedies to those suffering from male pattern baldness and do not distinguish between guys who are bald and those who have had hair tattoo treatment.  So here goes, a guide specially for those of you who have had SMP.  Of course there are those who love a shiny head and are looking for ways to be so shiny they could be seen from outer space but for now we will confine ourselves to looking at anti shine after SMP!

Daily routine.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that oil on a smooth surface will produce shine.  Those who have had SMP usually shave between once a day to every 2-3 days and there is no doubt that shaving will effect how much your head shines.  That is particularly the case if you wet shave so that the hair is as short as it can be, can absorb no light and as a result the light, especially when the sun is bright, bounces off the skin.  Many people think that wet shaving produces the most authentic look after SMP but using a foil or electric shaver will get you great results too and will reduce the amount of light bouncing off your bonce because there is slightly more hair over the scalp.  If you really can’t give up your razor, then shave against rather than with the grain and that should produce the same effect.

Keep it Clean

Making sure that you scalp is free of grease build up and sebum, substances that are naturally excreted through your pores is vital.  Try a good facial wash with exfoliator or a mild body soap taking care not to dry your skin.  Watch those greasy moisturisers and sunscreens that are oil based.  There are some matt-based ones out there if you look hard enough.

Google It

There are a lot of products on line to help with the anti-shine situation.  We suggest that you have a look at a product you want and then read the ingredients carefully.  We are doing a bit of our own research here at SKALP at the moment into various products and we will let you know what we find out later.  In the mean time, while that sun is shining enjoy it, but don’t forget to look after your scalp!

At Skalp, we understand the important role hair plays in an individual’s overall appearance. Even more important, how you feel about your appearance makes an even bigger difference and affects your self-confidence. When we help clients find a solution to their hair loss problems, we know we are not just fixing a hair problem. We are helping clients repair self-esteem and assisting them to get life back on track the way they envision. If you have questions or would like to find out if you are a good candidate for scalp micropigmentation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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