Skincare For Bald Men- Designed To Be Bold 

A skincare/ shaving routine hybrid

At Skalp®, bald heads are kinda our thing. We are forever on the hunt for products and discoveries that could improve the lives of our customers in some way. That’s why, when we discovered a previous customer of ours, Lee Stafford, had developed a range of shaving and skincare products targeted specifically for bald men and those with a shaved head, we had to share.


Lee had Scalp Micropigmentation treatment with Skalp® in London way back in 2014 for his receding hairline. After falling in love with the treatment, Lee rocked the shaved head look ever since. Before long, he discovered the shaving market was lacking and struggled with finding the perfect combination of products for his hair care and shaving needs. In 2018, he decided to do something about it, and so On Top Skincare was created.


Like hair care, but for bald people…

Those in the beauty community will tell you that your face ends where your decolletage starts, and so skincare should be applied on your neck also. Well, similar could be said for those of us who are bald on top. Why should your skincare routine end where your hairline is? (Especially if you don’t have one, well a real one at least) Bald men should take extra care for the skin on their scalp. 

Lee has spent years researching and testing ingredients for the new shaving range, and it shows. Designed solely for men who are bald, have hair loss or shave their heads, the range offers premium head shaving products that will protect even the most sensitive skin. Which is why it is perfect for those with SMP.

The end result is a perfectly curated yet simple 4 step system – The Ultimate Head Shaving Kit. Each step in the system is designed to nurture your scalp whilst protecting it from the irritation a regular shaving routine can cause. 

Razor bumps, skin irritation, burns or cuts? Bye

The Ultimate Head Shaving Kit is formulated specifically to reduce skin irritations. There is nothing worse than having that freshly shaved feel ruined by skin rashes, razor bumps and a bad mood. Especially if you are bald and have no real hair. By using naturally derived ingredients, such as sweet almond oil, aloe vera and tea tree extract, On Top Skincare targets and reduces the negative effects of shaving your head. 

The kit contains all 4 products you will need to turn your shaving misery into a shaving miracle. The sleek box kit contains everything you need to know as well as clear instructions on how to use each product. 

Skincare for bald men!

The 4 step head-shaving kit includes pre-shave oil, shaving gel, scalp cleanser, and matt moisturizer. Sounds perfect already, right? The pre-shave oil is designed to hydrate and soften the skin before shaving. Next up is a shaving gel packed with nutrients and aloe to calm and protect the skin against razor burn. The 3rd step is a charcoal cleanser to clean and boost the scalp’s skin into top condition and the final step is a super rehydrating but (most importantly) matt moisturizer. 

skincare for bald men kit

Your SMP treatment is only as good as your scalp’s condition

As we all know by now, keeping your scalp in top condition is not only beneficial to you and your confidence but also how your SMP treatment looks. The skin on your scalp is often neglected and we try hard to encourage clients to change this. Skincare for bald men should be a top priority as there is no hair to protect the scalp.

The On Top Skincare kit focuses on using natural ingredients with positive benefits to enhance your scalp condition and thus improving your shave as well as your results. It’s simple application and sleek packaging is an all-round bonus. We have seen nothing but a positive effect on the looks and mood of those who use it!

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