An Interview with Geraldine, Head Practitioner of Skalp Dublin!

An Interview with Skalp Dublin!

Located in the coastal town of Malahide, just north of the Republic of Ireland’s capital city, is Skalp Dublin® – another of our fantastic SMP clinics. To give you more of an insight into the passionate people that work at Skalp, we sat down with Geraldine, Head Practitioner at Skalp Dublin. Read on to find out how she got into the business of hairline tattooing and what her passions are, aside from treating hair loss!

Skalp Dublin practitioner Geri

What inspired you to become an SMP practitioner?

Before I became a practitioner, I worked in the Medical Cosmetic Industry. I became extremely interested in SMP after a friend had a failed hair transplant. My friend did his research and came across Skalp® and their SMP results proved amazing. The procedure was life-changing for my friend, it restored his lost confidence to where it was before he lost his hair. After seeing this, I decided I wanted to be a part of this growing industry with Skalp.

When did you first find out about SMP?

My friend was in his early 20’s when he started to lose his hair. After a failed hair transplant, he researched and found out about Skalp®. He then asked me for my meticulous view, which I gave, and I could not believe how natural the results were! I had to find out how and when I got involved, I wanted to do nothing more but be a part of it! Hense, Skalp Dublin!

inside skalp dublin clinic in Malahide

What is the most important part of your job?

The most important part of my job is to deliver the most natural-looking hairline for every individual client. Creating the client’s specific customised requests requires critical listening skills and taking a personal interest in the relationships. A vitally important part of my job is having the confidence to demonstrate my expertise and be willing to share my skills, technique and knowledge to create this life-changing hair loss solution.

What types of hair loss can scalp micropigmentation treat?

SMP can treat any stage of male pattern baldness as well as Androgenetic Alopecia. SMP can also camouflage any type of scaring, including scars left from previous hair transplants.

What makes Skalp® Dublin different from other scalp micropigmentation clinics?

From start to finish our clients are in the best hands. Our treatments are meticulously tailored differently for every client. We feel that’s what makes us so very different than other clinics. Skalp® Dublin is situated in the tranquil village of Malahide and is easy to get to by public transport (with plenty of car parking too). It gives customers the chance to fully relax in our luxury private clinic.

ireland costal walks

Arrange a free consultation with Geraldine at our Skalp Dublin clinic here. 

What do you do when you are not working?

I mostly relax by getting outdoors and taking walks along lovely nature trails in the parks and coastal areas. Sometimes I bring a sketchbook, be still, and appreciate all nature has to offer by just observing. I enjoy the theatre and art gallery’s and often say there should be more! Radio is my fix as I could not live without all sorts of music from up and coming artist to old-school!

Do you have any other passions?

OMG! Yes! From being still with nature to watching the fasted Road Racers and MOTO GP is what gets my adrenaline pumped. That is my secret passion!

What do you think other people should know about Skalp Dublin?

At Skalp® Dublin we feel an instinctual need to take care of the things we feel connected to, so providing a hair-loss solution is a big part of our lives. We concentrate on exceeding the expectations of our clients and delivering the most realistic results possible. Our SMP experience is extensive and covers all types of hair loss.

Can you tell me about a specific person who had SMP at Skalp Dublin?

I can tell you I have clients tell me that the SMP has changed the way they feel and even how others perceive them. I have had a client tell me they have since gone back to the sporting passions they once loved. The best part and most common is when clients don’t even give hair loss a 2nd thought anymore. We love that!

What would you say to someone considering SMP at Skalp?

I would say, do your research see the results for yourself. Get up close and personal as it is the results that help make that decision. Ciaran our consultant has SMP treatment himself so you can view our amazing results in our private luxury clinic.

At Skalp® all our practitioners give their support and experience as hair loss is a big part of our lives too. Your Skalp practitioner can answer all your questions so call to arrange a Free Consultation and meet the team today!

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