Why Women Find Bald Men Attractive

Do women find bald men attractive?

The notion that women are attracted to bald men has been a subject of various studies. There are several compelling reasons supporting this preference.

1. Confidence and Masculinity:

Baldness often conveys a strong sense of self-assuredness. Men who embrace their bald look appear confident and secure in their appearance, traits that many women find appealing. Additionally, baldness can accentuate traditionally masculine features, adding to one’s overall attractiveness.

2. Maturity and Reliability:

A hairless scalp can give an impression of maturity and stability. These attributes suggest reliability, responsibility, and financial security—qualities that many women seek in a long-term partner.

3. Health Perceptions:

Some research suggests that bald men may be perceived as healthier or more virile compared to those with thinning hair or elaborate hairstyles intended to conceal balding spots.

4. Simplicity and Cleanliness:

Maintaining a shaved head simplifies grooming routines significantly, which might project an image of cleanliness and efficiency—a positive trait from both practical and aesthetic viewpoints.

5. Trend Influence:

With numerous celebrities adopting the clean-shaven look voluntarily—think Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Jason Statham—the trend towards finding bald heads attractive has gained societal validation over time. In summary, while individual preferences inevitably vary across different people, the perception of confidence, maturity, healthiness, simplicity in grooming habits—and cultural influences—increasingly contribute to why some women find bald men particularly attractive.

With one in five men suffering from hair loss in their 20s, two thirds of men experiencing some form of hair loss before they are 35, and half of men losing their hair by the time they’re 50, baldness is not an issue that men can escape from. Not talking about losing your hair isn’t going to mean you will get to keep your full head of hair forever. With male pattern baldness potentially starting in your 20s, why not think about what you will do if you start to lose your hair. 

If you find yourself staring in the mirror, trying to work out if your full head of hair is thinning or receding, or you’re just imagining things, you’re not on your own. Lots of men worry about losing their hair, and the effect it may have on their appearance. When they do start losing their hair it can impact their confidence and self-esteem and can have a negative affect on their mental health and wellbeing.

Why do men try and keep their hair?

One of the reasons men are impacted by losing their hair is that they assume that their hair loss will make them less attractive. No-one wants to be less attractive to women and so many men try various methods to try and keep their natural hair, none of which are guaranteed to work. If this sounds like you, you might be surprised to learn what women think about bald guys. Loss of hair isn’t something that ranks highly as an issue for women, and some actively prefer men with a bald head.

Good looking man with shaved head tattoo

What Women Want

Although hair trends come and go, the general attitude of women towards men tends to be fairly constant. Repeated research shows that the majority of women aren’t worried about whether a man is bald. Some hairstyles can be a big “no” from women, for example, some women don’t like men with long hair or hair that is too styled. When it comes to baldness though, women don’t have a strong negative attitude towards shaved heads.

Researchers recently polled 1000 women, and 87% provided a positive response about dating a bald man. Only a small minority saw baldness as a negative issue, with most listing other features such as a fit body as a greater indicator of attractiveness.

What do the studies say?

A separate study in Social Psychological and Personality Science showed women a series of digitally altered photos of men. One set showed the men as bald, the other with hair. Overall, the bald men were described as 13% more dominant, 10% more masculine, 6% more confident and 13% stronger. These were the exact same men, just with hair and without hair, meaning that the lack of hair was the difference that led to a more positive description of the bald guys.

You can carry out your own version of this experiment. Take a look at male stars who are rocking a bald head. Compare this with photos of them with hair – which one is preferable?

Would Vin Diesel found Hollywood success if he had held on to his hair?

Some men are lucky enough to look good either way, but the results are surprising.

Colin Farrell looks great with a head of floppy hair but shaves his locks off and his sex appeal soars. The same applies to Jared Leto, Chris Pine, Jake Gyllenhaal and even Channing Tatum. Try to imagine stars such as Vin Diesel or Jason Statham with a full head of hair and you’ll probably find that their sex appeal goes out the window.

Singer Justin Timberlake enjoyed plenty of female attention with a shaved head – but with a mop of unruly curls? Not quite so much…

Although it can be worrying when you notice your hair thinning, there’s no reason to let it dim your self-confidence. Baldness and loss of hair simply isn’t something that the majority of women take much notice of.

Do women find bald men attractive?

If you are worried that you have started to lose your hair and we haven’t managed to convince you that baldness will not make you less attractive to women, watch our videos to see hundreds of attractive men who have lost their hair. If is impossible to watch our videos and not be convinced that hair loss or having a shaved head doesn’t impact how attractive a man is, and can actually make men more attractive. 

Good looking bald man with scalp tattoo

What Are Your Options?

You can feel reassured about the opinions of women and that your hair loss will not automatically push you into an unattractive category of men.You can also recognise that there are some extremely attractive bald headed guys out there. However, when it comes to you and your hairstyle, and how you feel about your own hair loss, this is something that’s very personal.

If you’re not ready to accept a receding hairline or thinning hair, there is a solution: scalp micro pigmentation.

What is Scalp micropigmentation?

A type of scalp tattoo, scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) doesn’t damage the existing hair follicles and can help with both thinning hair and baldness.

For thinning hair, SMP creates the appearance of thicker, fuller hair without any bald patches. Many men who opt for SMP enjoy the appearance of thicker hair and continue to grow their hair while they can. Others choose to shave whatever hair is growing on their head and embrace the look they have achieved by the SMP. 

Who is SMP for?

For men who are completely bald, SMP provides a more youthful hairline, making it appear as if you’ve shaved your hair rather than gone bald.

Qualified technicians use different shades to recreate the appearance and texture of hair. The results are permanent but don’t damage or restrict the hair follicles and won’t affect the natural growth of your hair.

SMP is tailored to the shape of your face, and your natural hairline. This means you can get the exact result you want, guaranteed. From a distance and up close, scalp micro pigmentation looks completely natural. No one needs to know it’s a scalp tattoo – unless you tell them!

If you have any areas on your scalp that you’re unhappy with, such as scarring, blemishes or burns then SMP can help with this too. Get in touch with us today to discuss what changes you’d like to make and book a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our highly skilled technicians.

Atrractive bald man

It’s just another reason why scalp micropigmentation is the best hair loss solution available today. As you mature, so can the treatment, ensuring you always have a look you are happy and comfortable with. You can find answers to all of your scalp micropigmentation questions on our FAQ page here.

Skalp® have clinics around the world. We have clinics in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin.

Contact us for more information about scalp micropigmentation as a solution to thinning hair or balding today.

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