The return of the beard!


Portrait of a young Man with beard

The return of the beard!

Facial hair gets really big in November as guys around the world grow the most outrageous, odd, cool and simply wimpy moustaches for Movember. Hair loss is no problem for chaps who want to nurture their upper lips and give a little back to men’s health charities and show off their efforts at the same time. While some like what they see in the mirror, most can’t wait to get rid of it as we hit the wintery chills of December.  But whereas it seems the moustache is destined to be out of fashion, the beard in all its glory is booming.

For guys, the beard offers an extra opportunity to impress their unique identities through their natural male assets. It is often linked with the new hipster fashions. A hipster is a difficult grouping to define, but if you look up the dictionary or Wikipedia summary, it is a person who “reject the culturally-ignorant attitudes of mainstream consumers.” (urban dictionary) Interestingly their styles are becoming so popular they are becoming mainstream!

However, this maybe the reason we still wonder sometimes whether beards are kind of in vogue – or not – at the same time. The hipster beard seems to be a cult that is slowly breaking into the mainstream.

In some ways, it seems that the beard has always been with us, but in the nineties and early noughties it was in its infancy with designer stubble. That “forgotten to shave” look that was so popular because it didn’t really matter if you really couldn’t be bothered to shave now and again.

But now it seems there are different styles for your beard just as a man would have different styles for his hair.

Consequently, a whole new dimension to men’s barbers has erupted in both the UK and the US. As well as being styled professionally, a beard needs to be maintained. So, when guys tell you they need to go to the hairdressers they are not just talking about the hair on their heads. But be careful how you choose that barber – there are those that are just cashing in and those who understand the needs for care and the intricacies and scope of styling.

It is not always easy. I gave up growing a beard when all I came up with after three months were pathetic patchy little wisps around my jaw. Apparently, you have to be patient and just let it grow out and see what you get. If things look good, you can then professionally style it to compliment your physique and your personality.

And as we get ready for the last month of the year, it is good to know Decembeard is just around the corner. This is a global event where guys a grow a beard to raise money for bowel cancer. So why not give it a whirl for Xmas?

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