SMP Long-Term Care


cruise-tipsFinally getting to the point your SMP treatments are completed, your scalp is healed and you can now continue with normal life once again, can be quite a relief. For most people the entire process from beginning to end is a relatively lengthy one, not due to what is involved with the SMP process, but because it takes time to work through many of the personal decisions. However, one way or another it involves a significant amount of information be researched, a fair level of monetary investment and a portion of your valuable time.

Therefore, since you made the effort to navigate through the SMP process and actually finish it, it makes sense you will want to maintain the appearance of the pigments to the best of your ability and look your best. It is completely normal to experience a certain amount of fading over time, which is fine as long as it is minimal and does not rapidly decay into significant appearance issues.

None of the long-term care suggestions require a huge amount of effort and if you simply make them a part of your normal grooming routine, then you won’t even have to think about them as “extra work.” Below we have listed several SMP long-term care tips that will help maintain the health of your scalp and keep the SMP pigments looking as crisp and natural as possible.

SMP Long-Term Care

These four tips will help you keep your scalp looking healthy and avoid any serious problems. While keeping your scalp and the pigmentation looking its best is not complicated, it is important to include these in your regular personal care routine.


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