How Scalp Micro Pigmentation can solve hair loss and really turn your life around


How Scalp Micro Pigmentation can solve hair loss and really turn your life aroundUntitled-1

There really has never been a better time to be losing your hair. That may sound a little bit paradoxical but it seems there is now a myriad of effective solutions available for the average sufferer. No longer are the issues surrounding the condition swept under the carpet – it is now a subject which is talked about in polite society without too much fear of embarrassment. But most of all men’s hair fashion has changed so much over the last few decades that the bald head is now seen as normal, stylish and most of all sexy.

Two fashions in one and a solution to hair loss

The leading solution for the condition in the 21st Century is Scalp Micro Pigmentation. This treatment marries together two accepted fashions: the ever-growing interest in body-tattoos and the unstoppable cult of the shaven head.

The process is simple and relatively inexpensive. The hair loss sufferer shaves his head and then visits a Scalp Micro Pigmentation clinic where a trained practitioner skilfully matches tattoo pigment with flesh colour and hair follicle colour. The practitioner will also create a new hairline that is customised to the shape of the face. The result is the client has a new appearance that appears as if he does have a healthy head of hair but he has chosen to join the ranks of the fashionable bald guy and shaven his hair off.

Favourable feedback

The feedback from people who have who have tried the treatment has been remarkably favourable. Because the process takes place over about three months (and approximately three sessions) the changes in the clients appearance is slow and therefore there is not the sudden shock of looking suddenly different. The practitioner strengthens the hairline and intensity of the pigment over a period of time.

Users of the treatment have stated that they do have to continue to look after their scalp (moisturise and shave the hair) that still continues to grow but overall they do not feel like they are treated like men with hair loss anymore.

It is this fact alone that can have a really positive effect not just the condition but a sufferers overall psychological standing as well.

More than just a hair loss solution

A man with hair loss may well feel overly aware of their condition. Associated feelings of inadequacy, lack of confidence and reduced self-esteem may be apparent, but because the condition itself is so surreptitious, the feelings are not often attributed to the hair loss itself.

Following their Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment men talk about feeling they have taken on a new lease of life. No longer do they shy away from activities normally enjoyed by their peer group in work and social settings. They report that friends and family (and sometimes even their bosses!) say they look younger and more attractive – so new gateways are opened in their life both socially and at work.

The moral here is hair loss doesn’t have to be an unsurmountable problem. You don’t have to put up with the naff look of a comb-over. But going bald does take a leap of faith. We advise that the place to start is with your Doctor. Find out the source of your hair loss – it may be something that can be turned around through a change in lifestyle or medication.

If not Scalp Micro Pigmentation may well be a solution to hair loss that could also change your life.

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