7 tips for healthier scalp for bald people



7 tips for a healthier scalp for bald people


For the bald person, getting a healthier scalp is a priority. Many presume that you can just leave it as is and benefit from an always great looking scalp; in actuality, however, the bald scalp, in many ways, is even more demanding than the hairlines one, so here we take a look at seven ways in which you can look after your scalp.


  1. Don’t neglect to exfoliate

Just like the skin on your face and body your scalp needs to be exfoliated. This helps to reinvigorate and rejuvenate the skin through
cell replacement. You can by a gentle exfoliator for your scalp skin at any cosmetics shop. However, this can even be as simple as adding a little sugar to your shampoo.


  1. Always follow it up with moisturising

Whenever you exfoliate you really need to moisturise afterwards. If you’re shampooing then a moisturising conditioner will serve you well. If not you could invest in a specific scalp after shower moisturiser. A day moisturiser with an SPF in for summer would help to protect your scalp also.


  1. Be sure to finish off any shampooing session with conditioner

A conditioner is essential for maintaining your scalp’s natural moisture levels and for the bald scalp conditioner can sometimes really benefit from an extra boost of moisture from a drop of added leave-in conditioner.


  1. Consider some useful supplements

Supplements help you to work goodness into your scalp from the inside out with. If your diet may be lacking in certain nutrients, consider adding supplements. Those that include vitamins B, C, and E, iron, and omega-3 serving the health of the scalp best.


  1. Cover up in harsh environments

In harsh environments, our scalp needs to be protected. So remember to cover up during particularly hot days, as well as within the colder environments. Particularly within regions that may be subject to a super high toxin and pollutant levels.


  1. Be sure to tackle scalp issues if, as and when they arise

Scalp issues for the bald person can range from slight skin irritation right through to the more serious of skin infections, and whatever may crop up, it’s vital that you tackle the issue as soon as you spot it. Similarly, this also applies to your skin’s natural moisture levels, so if your scalps oily, then tackle it with a shampoo designed for oily hair or, if it’s dry, similarly solve it with a shampoo that is aimed at dry, itchy scalps.


  1. Plump for natural oils each and every day

Natural oil is the very last line of defence for exposed heads. These should be used in addition to any specialist moisturisers, shampoos and conditioner. What’s more, this is the tip that is most likely to overcome those otherwise annoying lumps, bumps and pimples on the scalp. Using oils for a healthier scalp produces a protective layer that can be particularly important during the colder, harsher winter months (where many bald people can find their scalp becomes dry and irritable).


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