Common Mistakes For Hiding Thinning Hair


6 Common Mistakes For Hiding Thinning Hair

common mistakes for hiding thinning hair


Whether young or old, adapting to sudden changes in your physical appearance is not easy. Furthermore, discovering you have thinning hair can be prove to be quite a shock! The natural reaction is to find ways to cover it up and the results are not usually as successful as you may hope. With that in mind we’re going to run through some of the common mistakes for hiding thinning hair and what you should try to avoid.


1. Too Much Product

There can be tendency for us layer on too much product hoping to see amazing results, when in fact over application produce the opposite effect. Rather than weighing down your hair and giving it a ‘stringy’ look, use a cream or clay to give your hair more body.


2. The Middle Parting

Hair will often start thinning on the top of the head and so a middle parting will only serve to make the hair look even thinner. A cowlick may seem like a good practical idea but in fact the opposite is true. In terms of solutions for thinning hair, this should not be a go-to option.


3. Growing out your hair

Logically it seems to make sense. Your hair is thinning out so why not grow some more to cover it up? Except that the extra length will appear on the back and sides and obviously not where the thinning is occurring on top. Keep your hair shorter and you will bring less attention to any bald patches.


4. Too Much Shampoo

There is a new school of thought that suggests washing our bodies and hair with chemicals every day dries out the natural oils in our skin and hair. Shampooing your hair too regularly is never recommended and your locks will only look thinner the more squeaky clean they become.


5. Avoiding the hair dresser

There are few better experts around who can help you find solutions for thinning hair. If anyone can tell you about the best thinning hair styles, it will be a hairdresser. They are not there to judge you, rather they want you walking out of their salon looking and feeling great. Don’t forget, you’re a walking advertisement for their skill and hard work.


6. Ignoring It

Knowing what to do with thinning hair can be scary. But ignoring the problem won’t make things any better. The reality is, pretending it isn’t happening, or hiding thinning hair will only make things worse in the end. Help is at hand and there is treatment for thinning hair available for you right now. It isn’t only celebrities with thinning hair that can change their looks, now you can too.


Of course, there is an even better alternative. The Skalp® Micropigmentation treatment can restore a full or partial hairline within only a few short sessions, meaning you no longer have to battle in-front of the mirror every day- say goodbye to hiding thinning hair! It can be used alongside hair restoration treatment or individually – either you won’t fail to be blown away by the SMP results.


Skalp® have clinics around the world. We have clinics in New York, Los Angeles, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin, Marbella, Milan and Amsterdam.

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