Do Protein Shakes Cause Hair Loss?


Protein Shakes Cause Hair Loss

Do Protein Shakes Cause Hair Loss?

Do protein shakes cause hair loss? We live in a time when image has become everything. Most of us feel the pressure to keep up appearances in one way or the other. This is especially true when you are in your 20s and 30s but going too far can create some unforeseen problems.


One concern revolves around the use of protein shakes potentially causing hair loss. People drink these supplements to help manage weight and build muscle mass when lifting weights. However, some doctors and medical experts have conducted studies that indicate they may contribute to hair loss for young men.


Are protein shakes responsible for hair loss?

Protein supplements are mostly made using whey which is a food by-product extracted from milk. There are alternatives manufactured using plant-based protein supplements which is a popular choice for vegans and the more health conscious consumer.


As it stands there is no firm clinical evidence that confirms protein shakes are the cause of hair loss. But there is a correlation between hair loss and certain types of protein shakes. Typically they contain ingredients that can manage muscle, weight and dietary needs. These ingredients are DHEA, creatine and other prohormones.


Hormonal changes

What these ingredients provide is an increase of testosterone in the body which is then broken down by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. This converts into a hormone known as dihydrotesterone (DHT). It is one of the most active forms of testosterone and is responsible for influencing a wide range of male behaviour. This includes affecting aggression and sex drive levels. DHT can also be responsible for hair loss, causing the hair follicles to weaken and shortening the growth process. This may not affect all men but can impact those who are genetically predisposed to hair loss.

Don’t blame the protein itself

While there is a correlation between drinking protein shakes and hair loss the actual protein contained within the drink is not the issue. The additional additives (Creatine, DHEA etc) are the ingredients that could potentially be the source of hair loss for young men in their 20s and 30s.


We want to stress that protein plays an essential part in any healthy diet. Anyone looking to build muscle or manage their weight should ensure you eat enough protein as part of your daily intake.

What can you do to stop this?

Our advice for anyone experiencing hair loss while using protein shakes that contain DHEA and creatine is they should find an alternative, organic supplement. This also means keeping a balanced diet. A strong diet will include all of the minerals and vitamins required to keep your hair healthy.

Restoring lost hair

Changing your dietary habits and exercise routine will not always restore hair once it has begun. In this case it is best to seek advice from a professional company who offer a practical solution. This is why men of all ages look towards scalp micropigmentation as way of solving their hair loss.


It is a safe and cost effective way to re-create a full hairline. Highly trained practitioners replicate hair follicles on the scalp to match your preferred hair colour. In just two or three sessions you will have a sleek, shaved head look that will last for years to come.


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