Can we prevent male pattern baldness?


Male Pattern Baldness- Can We Prevent It?

Hair loss is something many men feel self-conscious or anxious about. Although this condition is not a serious threat to your health, it can have some serious consequences on your self-esteem. So the burning question when it comes to hair loss in men is, can you prevent male pattern baldness?


can you prevent male pattern baldness

Male baldness can’t be cured but, it can be prevented.

Unfortunately, currently no cure exists for male pattern baldness, but the good news is that several helpful ways can prevent it. These techniques help in delaying the onset of a receding hairline giving you more time to enjoy your days with hair.


The fact which holds importance is that every man is very different. By the time most men have reached their early 60’s nearly all will be experiencing some type of hair loss.  Also, men of different ethnicities will experience varying degrees of balding.


Due to different genetics, aging factors, lifestyles, diet, etc. Some men experience the bitter reality of hair loss at quite an early age. Some people experience balding in their middle ages while others face it as soon as they hit 60. The reality again revolves around the fact that every man holds different factors which distinguish him from others. Therefore, a proper single formula cannot be followed to trace the format of baldness in men. It is different for different people.


Common misconceptions or myths about male hair loss include:

-cutting your hair regularly makes it grow back faster and thicker

-not wearing hats can decrease hair loss,

– having poor circulation creates hair loss.


These statements along with many others do not cause male pattern baldness. Sudden or temporary hair loss could occur from a variety of external factors but unfortunately receding hairlines and crown balding is a factor of your genetics.


Good news, ways to actually prevent male pattern baldness.

Enough with the disappointment talks. Now let’s talk about the treatments and preventions. There are many treatments offered and suggested by specialists and experts.They not only improve the quantity of hair on your head but also make their appearance worth appreciating. Whichever treatment program you plan to choose, make sure to first have a detailed talk with your physician about your general health. One solution may work for one but be not successful for others. Most treatments take some time to show results, so patience is the key here. Such treatments include medicines which are either applied directly on the scalp or are taken in the form of a tablet.


Types of hair loss treatment include prescribed courses that can be applied directly to the scalp or in tablet form. These actions generally take a good few months to see any effect and may not work for all individuals.


Prevention is better than “cure”.

If pills and lotions aren’t you’re style, you can prevent genetic hair loss using some quick and easy tips.



A good early preventive course of action for anybody concerned about hair loss includes eating a well-balanced diet and adding some important vitamins to stimulate circulation and hair growth. Vitamin H also was known as biotin is believed to encourage hair growth and vitamin B which reduces cholesterol that contributes to the formation of DHT.  Although vitamins have not been proven to reduce hair loss, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can aid healthy hair and follicles.


Other non-surgical hair loss treatments include cosmetic procedures such as scalp micro pigmentation. These treatments have previously had the stigma of being expensive and only obtainable for the rich and famous but there are many affordable, professional micro pigmentation procedures available that can create an authentic appearance of hair follicles to give a natural hairline.


Scalp micro pigmentation prevent male pattern baldness

The Conclusion.

It is important to remember while you cannot stop hair loss from occurring, you can prevent male pattern baldness using measures to prolong your healthy hair.


Many consider scalp micro pigmentation the best way to prevent male pattern baldness from affecting your everyday life. As the treatment is permanent, you do not have to worry about your receding hairline again. Scalp pigmentation can completely restore your hairline. When done by professional hair loss clinics trained in scalp micro pigmentation- the results are completely natural.


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