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Bill Meher show features Hair Loss Tattoo from Skalp® New York

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Whether you are a TV show or an online business, everyone is searching for new content all the time. But what separates the good from the bad is when the content is actually useful for the readers. At Skalp New York we like to believe we fall firmly into the former category. Our blog provides important insight on hair loss and scalp micropigmentation that our readers find invaluable.


It’s a shame we can’t say the same about late night chat show host Bill Maher at the moment. On his TV show last week he made a cheap gag at the expense of the important service we provide, saying it doesn’t look realistic. Although, despite being made fun of, we are grateful for his promotion and spreading of the word to help men with hair loss.


As we mentioned in our Facebook post last week, we’d happily welcome him into our Skalp New York clinic any time so he can see for himself just how realistic it is. And let’s not forget, Maher has also had a hair transplant himself and uses hair fibres to cover up his own hair loss issues. We can tell because 50% of our patients have experienced a failed hair transplant. We’ve seen the horror stories from hair transplant patients as they often come to us for help. That’s because many experience scars caused by the treatment. We can do the same for you if you need too, Bill.




There’s no need to be in denial


Maher shouldn’t be too smug because he clearly fears going bald. And as a late night chat show host he knows his image goes a long way to keeping his audience. Just as importantly, a large portion of the 1.7 million viewers who tune into his show each week are going to be in a similar age range as the host. That means many of them will have gone through – or are currently experiencing – hair loss of some sort. It’s a bit naïve to poke fun at a service that many of his own viewers would benefit from.


You asked us who do we think we are fooling – I think that’s the entire point Bill! Ask any of our clients how many people can tell whether it’s a hair tattoo or real hair. You’ll be told that even their partners and closest friends are usually fooled.


Scalp micropigmentation also puts the customer in control. They can customise their hairline, colour and shape to whatever they want. We can even add density to smaller areas rather than the entire scalp. At Skalp New York Our service delivers what it promises and doesn’t give false hope – unlike undergoing a hair transplant that will scar and usually fall out 6 months later.


We’d like to thank you again for the free promotion and for showing your viewers a genuine and cost effective hair loss treatment that actually works. Remember Bill, not everyone is on a chat show host wage. Who knows, maybe this was your way of reaching out to us because you’re too embarrassed to contact us directly? Bill, we’re here to help you. Give us a call as we’ll promise not to tell a soul.


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