Can wearing hats cause hair loss or balding?


Can wearing hats cause hair loss or balding?

can wearing hats cause hair loss

There are some men who can’t live without a hat on their head. No matter what time of year, or the type of weather, they’ll always have a hat on show. For some people, it’s just their style. Others do it to stop the world seeing their receding hairline. But can wearing hats actually cause hair loss?

One of the more common concerns about wearing a hat too much is that it can lead to loss of hair. This idea has been around for as long as we can remember. The thought being that hats strain the hair follicles thus forcing the hair to fall out. There is nothing scientific behind this theory which is merely a myth. But just to make sure, let’s see if wearing a hat does cause balding.

Blood circulation

While most experts agree that wearing hats does not cause hair loss, experts believe hats that are too small or worn too tightly, can create problems. Granted, this seems like an extreme example and it would mean wearing that hat extremely tight. It’s hard to imagine many people wearing a hat like this for fun. It’s quite simply because the whole point is to add style and poise, rather than bringing discomfort to the wearer.


Hair thinning

If a hat is being worn constantly, there is a higher chance of split ends or hair breakage occurring. The knock on effect here is that it will make the hair look thinner. So while not creating any sort of hair loss it can create the impression of hair reduction. For anyone already dealing with hair loss, this is not the ideal situation. It then might create a vicious cycle of wearing the hat, even more, to hide the thinning, leading to further damage.

Hat Hair

This is a well-known issue that comes with wearing hats. It’s the last thing you want after spending time in the morning crafting the perfect look. We may love hats, but they don’t love our hair back. If you constantly wear a hat it will flatten your hair and can make it look thinner. This is the double-edged sword of wearing a hat. With the right one, almost everyone looks cool and stylish. When you take it off, your hair might look like a disaster zone.

 man with messy hat hair

Preventing Hair Loss From Hats

Ways to reduce the chances of hats causing hair loss:

If you are addicted to hats- like many of those of us who suffer from hair loss are- get a collection of different types of hats. This helps to reduce the chances of friction occurring at the same spot every day and causing a bald patch.

In Conclusion

So, does wearing hats cause hair loss? The answer is no, but they aren’t the most head-friendly accessory in the world. With that said, the problems they can create are relatively small. Your genetic make-up will be the deciding factor on whether you begin to lose your hair. But if you do, there is the ideal solution available to help.

For anyone new to the idea of hairline micropigmentation, it is a simple method that can recreate the look and style of your hair. We match it to any pigmentation and our skilled practitioners have years of experience helping thousands of customers. A scalp hairline tattoo is the most cost-effective hair loss solution around and also the most practical, especially when compared to hair transplants.



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