6 Surprising Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Mens Hair


You can use coconut oil for many things but what about coconut oil for men's hair? We all want to keep our hair looking and feeling healthy and coconut oil could provide a wonderfully healthy answer.


There are a lot of myths, untruths and outright lies when it comes to haircare. Finding out what is real is not always so easy. At Skalp we know there are many great benefits of using coconut oil for men’s hair. Read on below to discover the six ways in which it can make a huge difference to you.


coconut oil for men's hair has many benefits


Benefits of Coconut Oil For Mens Hair


1. Hair growth


Men search high and low for solutions to their hair loss. Unfortunately, there is no magic remedy to stop or reverse it. But using solutions like coconut oil will allow you to slow it down. It helps to a reduce loss of protein and lower breakage from combing and brushing.


Coconut oil also contains iron, vitamins E and K, potassium and anti-oxidants which all lead to healthy looking hair.


2. Dandruff prevention


Men who suffer from dandruff find that coconut oil is a great way of preventing it. Dandruff creates unhealthy hair and makes the scalp feel unbearably itchy. Applying coconut oil on a regular basis will help prevent dandruff in many cases.


Its antimicrobial properties are key to doing this. By massaging coconut oil into the scalp on a regular basis it can reduce itchiness making it a natural alternative to chemical-based products.


3. It stimulates the scalp


Coconut oil is renowned for helping to improve blood circulation towards the scalp. Not only that, but it also helps to cool the surface. On a hot summers day, this will lower body temperature overall and make life more manageable.


Soothing the scalp also helps to control your mood and keep you feeling more relaxed. If you are massaging coconut oil into the scalp on a regular basis this is also a relaxing exercise that stimulates hair follicles and relaxes the body.


4. Stops scalp infections


Men have to deal with the worry of losing their hair far more than women. This also means they are more prone to infections from microorganisms. This could be anything from dandruff to dermatitis, depending on the individual.


Applying coconut oil on a regular basis helps to prevent this from happening. Due to the antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial effects of the oil, it can fight off any number of potential pollutants.


5. Damage control


Our hair is exposed to all kinds of elements on a daily basis but in many cases we can be our own worst enemy. Hygral fatigue happens when too much conditioning occurs or a product without enough protein is frequently used.


This can lead to many things, such as hair swelling or creating limp hair that easily breaks. Coconut oil can prevent this from occurring and strengthens the hair to stop easy breakage.


6. Natural styling agent


Coconut oil for men’s hair is a great natural styling product. Additionally, it is free from the many chemicals found in so many manufactured alternatives. Hair dryers have their uses but they also remove the moisture from hair leaving it looking brittle.


Applied before drying in the right amount tames frizz, adds texture and controls flyaway hairs. It’s also easy to use for touch-ups during the day, as long as it is used sparingly.


How to Apply Coconut Oil To Hair For Hair Growth

Now that the benefits of coconut oil for men’s hair are clear, here is a quick guide to show you how to apply it to your hair.


how to apply coconut oil to mens hair to stimulate growth








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