5 Grooming Tips For A Bald Groom -Wedding Prep You Need To Know

5 Grooming Tips For A Bald Groom – How To Look Your Best On Your Big Day!

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Summer is peak season for weddings running right through to September. No bride or bald groom wants a photo album filled with grey skies and the presence of the sun makes the special day feel even better.

One issue some men have to deal with on their wedding day is baldness or a balding spot. It can cause a lot of anxiety and stress worrying about a receding hairline with you centre stage for the whole day. The good news is there is plenty that can be done for a bald groom to look and feel good at your wedding. Read through our suggestions below to pick up some ideas.

1. Keep it smooth

It takes some bravery to completely shave all your hair off, especially if you have been balding for some time. If you aren’t sure whether to take the plunge, check out other bald people that have and you’ll see confident bald grooms at ease with their appearance and enjoying their wedding day. When you think about shaving your head, it’s no different to shaving the hair off any other part of your body.

As long as you do the big shave with plenty of time to spare, you will look leaner and sleeker on your wedding day, giving you the confidence that you need to enjoy every minute in the limelight. Simply using a standard razor, shaving cream and aftershave balm will do the trick. Remember to use a new blade when you shave and an exfoliating scrub to prepare your scalp so that you don’t end up as a bald groom with ingrown hairs!


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2. Protect your head

Summer weddings are fantastic events to attend as the weather is great, the outfits look amazing and everyone is in a happy mood. However, summer weddings can also be very uncomfortable for a bald groom dealing with the hot sun on their heads. Without  hair for protection, the top of the scalp is prone to sunburn and then peel as it heals. No-one bride wants their bald groom to have a red-head standing out like a beacon!

The good news is that a bald groom’s sunburn is easily avoided by using high-factor sun cream which can be applied before the wedding begins. Choose a low-oil version for a natural finish and keep it tucked away in close proximity so you can nip off to the toilet as the day progresses to apply more whenever needed.

3. Scalp micropigmentation treatment

If the thought of not having a hairline for your wedding is too much to bear, scalp micro-pigmentation treatment offers the perfect solution for every bald groom. It is a straightforward procedure that only takes a few weeks and gives you a brand new hairline that you will be able to enjoy for the rest of your married life. This solution is a great choice for anyone with a receding hairline as well as completely bald heads.

Hair SMP (also known as a bald hair tattoo) is cheaper than a hair transplant and much more realistic. Scalp micropigmentation is perfect to plan in advance of your wedding day, as the results are instant but you will need to leave your scalp to heal after it has been completed. With this in mind, it is best to arrange at least 2 months before your wedding so that all 3 sessions can be booked in with time to get used to your new look. 

Visit the gallery for more before and after photos here.


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Learn More About Scalp Micro Pigmentation Treatment

4. Grow a beard

Full beards have been in fashion for quite a while, with many bald grooms taking time to grow a well coiffed beard for their upcoming nuptials. Face framing stubble goes great with a shaved head, or even growing a full beard that is well groomed would look smart as long as you take the time to keep it well trimmed and oiled. Facial hair goes well with a bald head and it diverts attention to your face, rather than the top of your head, helping you to look the part on your wedding day.

Remember, as a bald groom, a beard will change the shape and visual impact of your face so you should plan the beard you want before the big day arrives. Pick out one that suits your facial shape and it will make you look and feel great for your wedding. If you aren’t sure how to choose, take the time to experiment with your style well before the wedding day arrives so you can be confident with no last minute appearance panic.

Bald groom with stubble beard on wedding day

5. Pamper your head

A bald head needs attention just like the skin on your face. Use a face scrubber to moisturise your head to keep it in good condition.  A water-based moisturiser is best so your head doesn’t look oily or too glossy.

This will keep the skin on top of your head looking fantastic and not dried out under the sun. You can even exfoliate the scalp to remove dead cells and avoid any follicles becoming blocked.

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