4 Major Benefits Of Having A Shaved Head This Summer!


4 Top benefits of having a shaved head

Weighing up whether to shave your head is a decision not to take lightly. You have to consider if it is right for you and if you will be happy with the new look. If you do decide to shave it off the benefits of having a shaved head are many. It can prove to a truly liberating experience that can change your life for the better.


Naturally, we’re big fans of the shaved head at Skalp. To help you come to a decision, read on to discover the 4 best benefits of having a shaved head.


benefits of having a shaved head

Look younger

We spend hundreds, if not thousands, on products that promise to make us look younger. Yet, one simple solution instantly removes years from our appearance. Shaving our head is the easiest and cheapest way to regain youthful looks. Rather than be stressed about losing your hair, shaving it all off instantly removes that anxiety. It makes you face look cleaner and leaner and accentuates the jawline. It also helps to make your eyes look more vibrant. A shaved head also looks more masculine and exudes a sense of confidence about your appearance.

Low maintenance

As good as we all want to look, the time spent preparing our hair can be draining. Rather than having to get up every morning to wash it, blow dry and add in products, you can simply get up and go. This means less time preparing and an extra 20 minutes in bed – which is perfect for dreary Monday mornings. Plus, less maintenance also means saving a fortune on hair products. You’ll still need to shave occasionally as well as use shampoo and conditioner, but that’s all. No gels, mousses or hairsprays. Your scalp will also thank you for freeing it from all the chemicals it is usually subjected to.



Regain self confidence

Hair loss brings with it a lot of anxiety and loss of self-confidence. As common as hair loss is amongst men, it’s difficult to come to terms with at first. It’s hard not to be conscious about how others may view your changing hairline. However, shaving your head allows you to take control of your life once again. Once you feel good about your appearance everyone around you will take less notice of your hair. Confidence is an attractive quality to others and feeds into every area of our lives. Once you shave off the hair you remove a lot of your weight from your shoulders too.



Summertime cool

Shaved heads are the envy of everyone during the warmer months of the year. Our heads are like a totem pole for sunlight and also play a big role in our body temperature. Less hair means a cooler head and body which leaves you feeling and looking cooler than everyone else. If you catch a nice breeze your body temperature will remain nice and steady. No more sweaty hair and far less chance of overheating. What must be remembered is protecting a bald head from the sun. Using high-factor sun lotion will ensure the skin remains in good shape, while a hat is also just as important.


There you have it. The 4 major benefits of having a shaved head this summer! Will you shave your head? If you want to but are fighting a hair loss battle- read about the best hair loss treatment available on the market today. Scalp micro pigmentation treatment explained here. 


benefits of having a shaved head


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